Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After

So...Christmas is officially over. Today we spent much of the morning digging out from under the avalanche of gifts and wrapping paper and boxes. I tried to clear off some room on our countertops where we had so many Christmas cookies and cheese balls spread everywhere. We put away the wrapping paper from our all-day-Christmas- Eve wrapping marathon. I stacked our Christmas dishes in the china cabinet and carefully boxed up our special silverware. And later on I am planning on changing out all our Christmas card photos on the refrigerator. Whew....the whirlwind that was Christmas 2009 has blown through. :)

It was a really good Christmas this year! We have all been commenting about that and saying how much fun we had and how it seemed easier and less stressful in some ways than in the past. It was a little different this year since Ashley was married and not living with us anymore. But I think we all adjusted well to that transition and made it work the best we could.

One of the things we always have fun doing the week before Christmas is having my brother Blake and his wife Angie and their kids over for dinner. We don't get to see them on Christmas day, so this is our chance to hang out and exchange gifts together. They came over the Tuesday before Christmas and we had a great time visiting and eating just spending time together. Our lives are so busy and theirs are too and I love it when we all slow down and just hang out. We also played a little Rock Band and that was fun! :)

On Christmas Eve we went to our traditional Christmas Eve service at church. I love that night because the church is always packed and we get to see so many friends that we love and give hugs and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Our family is so big we take up a whole row when we all sit together!

After the service we went to Steve's sister, Debbie's house. We just have appetizers and soups and it is very low key and relaxing. We took some fun pictures over there!

Christmas Day I had my parents and my brother Brent and his wife Britney and their kids over for breakfast and to open presents. I didn't take very many pictures, though, because I was just enjoying the morning! Here are Ashley and John opening one of their presents...

In these pictures Bailey's favorite toy was a tool set and construction gear and she didn't want to take it off! Brooklyn loved just playing with bowls! haha

Then on Christmas night we got together with Steve's whole family. We ate some MORE and opened gifts and played games and just had fun.

Goodness...we are all so spoiled. I got such nice things and so did everyone! It really was a great Christmas full of lots of family and fun and blessings from God! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, too. I am looking forward to hearing all about it!! :)


  1. So glad you and your sweet family had a wonderful Christmas! Love all the pics =)

  2. It looks like typical Maddox family fun!! Have a great New Year's week together!

  3. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! I always enjoy seeing all of your pictures. I've been trying to dig out of our toy explosion all day! How can we make so much trash in two days???

  4. Betsy I love reading your posts and I am showing my hubby your sweet family and telling him all about you! What a great Christmas, we have Christmas Eve marathon wrapping too! :) Love every single picture as always, love the one of all the kids and your brothers kids!

  5. I love seeing all the pictures. So glad you all such a nice Christmas together.

  6. What a WONDERFUL Christmas in deed my friend. I LOVE all the great photo's...and to learn of the fun family gatherings/traditions you and your family celebrate.

    Enjoy your time off of you begin to prepare for New Years!!

  7. Even though your Christmas is so busy, it always seems so full of love, family, friends, and good times!

    I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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