Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well, life is getting back to normal now. Ashley and John are returning from St. Thomas tonight and I can't wait to see all their honeymoon pictures.

I haven't talked to them much this week, but Ashley did call today to tell me they were at the airport about to leave. I asked her how the week was and she said it was amazing!! Yay! I'm so glad they had fun.

It was so hard getting back to work this week. Every day I have had such a hard time getting up so early. I guess I got spoiled from being off for a few days last week. Plus I am still just recovering from all the wedding festivities and business.

Anyway...Thanksgiving is one week from today! did it get here so fast?? I have to admit that I really love this time of year. My family is very into tradition. If we do something one year, it all of a sudden becomes a "tradition" to my kids and we have to do it every year! :) And the tradition for the past 7-8 years has been to have Thanksgiving dinner at our house with all the friends and family that can come.

Thanksgiving morning we start by putting Mr. Turkey in the oven and getting that yummy smell going.

Then we turn on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I LOVE watching that!! It is going all morning while we are getting the house ready for everyone to come over.

I usually make mulled apple cider and lots of different dips to snack on until lunch is ready. Some of our favorites are my Heath Bar dip, spinach dip, "That Now Famous Cheese Ring", pepper jelly spread, and cranberry cream cheese dip. I am a huge fan of appetizers so this is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving day! :)

Most of the time we eat lunch around one o'clock and everybody brings something yummy. I always seem to have around 20-25 people in the house and everything is bustling. It's so much fun to have family all together. And several years we have had friends come over, too.

Thanksgiving afternoon is full of watching football...

and taking pictures and playing ping pong in the garage and basketball in the driveway and throwing the football in the yard. There are people sitting around everywhere just chatting together.

Then around six or seven o'clock that night, it is time to pull everything back out of the refridgerator and start on round two!!! Of course we always have some friendly games of Monopoly or Guitar Hero going.

And sometimes we watch a movie together, too! It's fun to get out the Christmas movies and kick off the season with Elf or Christmas Vacation or something funny and festive.

The day after Thanksgiving is officially our "Put Up The Tree" day. That's another tradition that my kids don't want to change. But I love it. Once that tree is up, the house seems so warm and cozy. Lights are strung on the bannister and wreaths are put up on the windows and doors and the fun can begin!!

What are your family's holiday traditions??


  1. Okay, have you posted the heath bar dip recipe? Sounds like something I'll need.

    I love traditions and we have a lot in our family. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is already here, but I'm looking forward to it. We need some family time!

  2. Can you believe Christmas trees will be going up in just a matter of days? Where did the year go?

    The wedding pictures were great to see. I cannot wait to see more! Everything looked beautiful!

  3. So looking forward to Christmas this year. My husband has been in Iraq for the last three Christmas' so the kids and I are so happy to have him home this year. We put up our tree the first weekend in December!
    Love the wedding pictures!!!

  4. Wow those dips sound amazing!!!!!

    We have lots of traditions too, and lots of family and friends about 15 in all. So fun!!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  5. Wow! We have a lot of the same traditions, Betsy! We love the parade, and we put the tree up pretty much every year the day after Thanksgiving. The wedding was beautiful by the way! Just gorgeous!

  6. I LOVE holiday traditions too!!!! Your Thanksgiving sounds a lot like ours! So fun!!!!

    I have been missing out on all my blogs because I have been sick! I even missed Ashley's wedding! I gotta get to reading up!

  7. What great holiday traditions!! They sound like so much fun!!

  8. I would love to see the recipes for some of those dips. That cranberry cream cheese one sounds incredible!!


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