Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This and That

A little randomness here today....

1-First of all, is this the cutest thing or what??? It's my niece Brooklyn in the pumpkin patch. What a sweetie!

2-I had to tell ya'll about this...Laura is taking an art class at Appalachian and today they had to draw a nude man! Seriously! They had a guy come in and pose for two hours in seven different poses while the class sketched him. She said she was only about 2-3 feet away from him and he just dropped his robe and everyone started drawing! I called her this afternoon to see how it went and she was telling me all about it and we were both just laughing at how awkward the whole thing was. I'm sure it's pretty common to have to do this in art, but she's never taken an art class before, so it was new to her!! Even though she got more used to it after two hours, she said, "Mom, I am ALWAYS going to remember this day!" haha

3-I can't believe it is getting so close to the holiday season. Once the wedding is over, I can start focusing on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love this time of year! I am also excited about Faith's Christmas Card Carousel! It is always fun to see everyone's cards. You should play along this year!

Well, that's it for me today. Gotta get some school work done. Have a great night!


  1. such a cute picture of your niece!!

  2. Can't wait to participate in the Christmas card carousel!

  3. Betsy,
    That is the cutest picture of your neice ~~ oh my word ~~ a doll!!!

    CHRISTmas Card Carousel will be here before we know it. I told my hubby last night that it was about time to take our CHRISTmas Card pic. YAY!!!

    Have a Blessed and Beautiful day,

  4. How cute is Brooklyn?? I would have been mortified in that art class - oh my!

    And, I can't wait to see everyone's cards!!

  5. Thank you for telling me about the Christmas card carousel!

    CUTE picture...and your post about your daughter and her art class....too funny! She will indeed NEVER forget it!!

  6. I love that picture! She should send that in for a contest :)!

    Oh my...I can only imagine Laura's reaction!

  7. That is such a sweet picture of your niece! I cannot believe your daughter had to do that in her art class...oh my goodness!! I'm glad I took Music now! :) haha!

  8. I love that first picture of your niece!! Precious! I have heard a few other girls mention that Christmas Card thing, I think I might have to participate!

    Poor Laura, my face would have been so red!!!!

  9. Love the picture of your niece she is such a doll!!
    So funny about the art story my sister is an art major and was supposed to do that to but chose to take another project she couldn't bring herself to do it!! To funny probably will remember that for the rest of her life! Good luck with the wedding coming up wow!! Can't believe its almost finally here! Looks like you guys had a fun party for her too though!!

  10. That's hilarious about Laura's art class... but I am such a prude that I don't know that I could have drawn anything from the neck down. Ha!

    I usually have Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving weekend, but not this year!!


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