Friday, November 13, 2009

Ashley's Bachelorette Party

Yesterday was Ashley's Bachelorette Party and she had the best time! Her matron of honor, Rachel, did such a great job planning everything and making sure there were plenty of fun things to do.

First, we all met up at My Bella Spa about 3:00 for pedicures and manicures. Here I am with Ashley...

Drying our nails...

Ashley and Rachel...

It is so nice putting your feet in that warm water... MMMmmmm! So relaxing!

Everyone except Ashley and I got their nails done to match the bridesmaids dresses. We got french manicures.

I did not go with them for the rest of the night, but I sent my camera along with Laura and Lindy! They all went out for appetizers first, then on to one of Ashley's favorite restaurants...Cantina 511 where they have the best guacamole in the whole world. I could seriously eat it for dinner.

Here are some pictures that Laura and Lindy took of the night...

Everybody at the restaurant...

Ashley was sad because one of her bridesmaids, Robyn, couldn't come to the party because she had to work...

This is Ashley with her best friend growing up, Michelle...

Ashley with Laura and her future sister-in-law, Meredith...

The rest of these pictures are just of Ashley and various bridesmaids and friends...

After dinner they went to get dessert at Encore. Then it was back to the hotel where all of Ashley's bridesmaids are staying.

They had everything decorated and Rachel had made cute cupcakes with big diamond rings in them.

All the girls gave Ashley a lingerie shower. I told Ashley that if she's like me...all that lingerie is so pretty, but I'm a shorts and t-shirt girl when it comes to sleepwear. Give me the comfortable stuff! :)

Ashley is so blessed with such sweet friends. They have all been so supportive and excited for her. It was a great way to kick of the wedding weekend!


  1. Betsy,
    How fun!! And how cute of them to decorate a hotel room and have a lingerie shower.

    She is a beautiful girl and is going to be a beautiful bride tomorrow.

    Will John's grandfather be well enough to attend?

    Have a relaxing evening,

  2. So fun she looks so happy what a great party!! She is so pretty and looks so relaxed ..can't wait to see pics of the big day and hear all about it!!


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