Monday, November 30, 2009


I haven't had a chance to tell you that I got a new toy this weekend. Steve got me a Palm Pixi which I guess is the Sprint version of an iPhone or a Blackberry??

Yes, I know I am way behind the rest of the world when it comes to technology. But I have been having so much fun with this over the past few days. It is addicting to play around with all the things it can do.

At school we can only check certain sites online. Just about everything is blocked (for obvious reasons.) But it is so frustrating not to be able to check my personal e-mail, etc! But now I can! I get excited over little things. haha

Another thing I am hooked on lately is listening to Pandora Radio. This afternoon I had so much to do in my classroom, so since I am actually able to listen now with my new Palm Pixi, I just put on some Christmas music and it made the afternoon much more fun! If you have never been to Pandora, you can just choose the type of music you like and it plays uninterrupted for hours! Love that! :)

And speaking of addictions, I am also officially addicted to these...

Have you ever tried them?? If you like spicy, these are the ticket. Once you get started on them, though, you can't stop. :) This is not a good thing since I feel like I gained about 10 pounds over Thanksgiving!

Mark and Ashley are still not doing good. Mark went to the doctor today and got sent home wearing one of those masks. He said he felt like he was wearing the scarlet letter when he was walking out of the hospital (that's where the doctor's office is.) Everyone was staring at him and shaking their head. haha

It was a very loooonnngg day at school today, just like I knew it would be. But it is so nice to come home to Christmas lights and my cozy house on this rainy night. Hope you did okay getting back to reality today!


  1. Betsy,
    I am behind in the electronical side of things as well. We just got texting last week. Not even kidding. Dak thinks that we are so behind the times =)

    Speaking of Dak, he would love those chips, he is a spicy kind of kid. I may have to pick up a bag of those.

    I hope Ashley and Mark get to feeling better soon. It takes a while. I'll be praying for them.

    Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day,

  2. Hey Betsy~'ll LOVE your new phone! I have a pink blackberry and LOV...LOV...LOV...LOV..LOVE it! :-)

    The Kettle chips...I've tried them too and LOVE them!!

    I hope Ashley and Mark get better real soon, and that no one else in your family get sick.BOO!!

    Yesterday was a long hard's a wonder it's so tough when I spent 5 days at home....and most of the time was relaxing. lol

    I also couldn't agree with you more...I LOVE getting home at the end of a hectic day to the Christmas lights...candles...and music.

    Have a BLESSED week my friend.

  3. I can't seem to break my addiction to the candy corn yet. Soon, though, we're almost out.

    Hoping your family is on the mend soon!!

  4. I think I am the only person amongst my friends who does not have a Blackberry. My grandmother even has one...LOL!

    My boss has Pandora on her computer and plays it all the time. Whoever thought of that was just genuis.

    I hope your kiddos get to feeling better soon. Being sick this time of the year is no fun!

  5. I'm glad you mentioned Pandora...that will be great to use while I am working after hours at school! I hope everyone gets well soon!

  6. Back to reality and was... and I hit the ground running (teachers have to, don't we)! Middle Schoolers - whew!

    I hate that you have sick babies! I'm saying an extra prayer that they get well soon!

    Love the new phone! I'm a "crackberry" lol! :-) It is WAY addicting!

  7. Tony loves his blackberry...totally addicted to it. I on the other hand am addicted to kettle chips~any flavor!


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