Thursday, November 5, 2009

8 Days!

Well, we are down to 8 days!! This is our last weekend with Ashley at home. But the good news is that she will only be literally 5 minutes away! And she can come spend the night anytime she wants to! :)

This weekend I need to go get my jewelry to go with my dress. I had a dream that I got to the wedding with no jewelry and I tried to run out at the last minute and get some, and I was late for the wedding! Aaaahhhh! I can't believe I'm having wedding dreams now! haha

I have been working late every day this week trying to get my lesson plans ready for next week since I will be out Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday. My next door neighbor is going to sub for me and she is awesome, so I know the class will be in good hands!

I think I told you that my brother and his family are going to be on "The World's Strictest Parents", right?? Well, this came out today on CMT....

The Bouldins are a tight-knit North Carolina family who believe that tough love is a biblical principal. The pastor of his own church, Blake Bouldin keeps his own kids on the righteous path and demands they lead disciplined and honest lives. For the next week, the Bouldins take in Mackenzie and Ian, two teens with bad attitudes and bold aspirations to have it their way. Fireworks ensue when the teens test the Bouldins with their defiance and dishonesty. Can the Bouldins' stern punishments and tough love approach get these two teens to see the light?

I think they are spinning it a little bit (I wonder how much fireworks there really were???), but I can't wait to see it! Unfortunately it is airing on November 14th...Ashley's wedding day!!! But my TiVo will be set and ready to record the whole thing. :)


  1. Wow! Ashley's wedding will be here before you know it!! That's great that she will be so close to you, though!

    I love that show, "World's Strictest Parents"! That is so neat that your brother and his family are on it. I can't wait to watch it!!

  2. Can't wait to see the show! My 15 year old daughter loves it!! Have a wonderful time getting ready for the wedding!!

  3. It seems like yesterday you were telling us about Ashley's engagement and now only eight days away......WOW!!!! Girl, you better get out and get your jewelry, you know us southern girls are not complete without our jewelry!!! Oh, and our lipstick!!!! lol

  4. I can not wait to hear all about Ashley's wedding!! It is going to be great, and I still have dreams that I forgot my basketball uniform and didn't have it for the game in high school! HA!!

    I will have to watch that about your brother!!

  5. I can't believe you're a week away!! BUT you are SOOOOOO blessed that they will be living so close to you. How fun will that be???

    I also can't believe you're dreaming about your wedding jewelry. I haven't even thought about jewelry. Ha!

    Just yesterday, my sister, Valerie, and I were talking about World's Strictest Parents and your brother's family being on there. I just emailed her to be watching on the 14th.

  6. WOW!!! How exciting for you that it is so close!! And that she will be living only 5 mins away. That is so great!!!!!

    Have a Blessed and restful week =)


  7. I can't believe it's so soon! Hope you found the jewelry so you can have one less thing to worry and/or dream about!

  8. I have been wondering when it was going to air on TV...can't wait to watch :)!


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