Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

I hope you have had a fun Halloween today. Last night I went to Wal-Mart and bought ten huge bags of candy. Steve even tried to convince me to put some back. But I told him to remember how many kids we have in our neighborhood and I kept all the bags in my cart. Well.....good thing I did!! You would not BELIEVE how many kids we had come to our door tonight! I would say at least 100, if not more! The doorbell just rang and rang and rang. I ran out of every single bit of my candy except on tiny bag of M&M's.

When I was just about out of candy, I turned off my front porch light and went upstairs to watch the Tennessee vs. South Carolina game with Steve, Ashley, and John. Then I heard the doorbell ring again. I came downstiars and heard lots of kids saying, "Mrs. Maddox, Mrs. Maddox, open the door!!!" I turned the light back on and opened the door and this is what I saw!

It was lots of kids from my class with their little sisters and brothers! They were all so cute and luckily I still had enough candy to give them. It actually rained here tonight. I have never seen it rain on Halloween in my whole life!! But it didn't stop the fun. The kids acted like it was a perfectly beautiful night for trick-or-treating!

So.... it's only 2 WEEKS until the wedding!! Ashley and I went out early today and got the last things checked off her list. We picked up her wedding portrait yesterday and got it framed today. I wish you could see how BEAUTIFUL it is!! I know exactly where I'm going to hang it in my living room. I will show it to you in 2 weeks along with lots of other fun pictures. :)

Tomorrow three of my good friends are giving Ashley a pantry and kitchen tools shower. I know she is going to love getting stocked up on all those things. She and John have moved alot of their things over to their new apartment and are starting to get everything in order. They bought a TV today and washed and put away all their dishes. They are having so much fun fixing everything up!

While we were out today running errands, we found the cutest ballet flats by Lindsay Phillips. Have you seen these??

What's so cool about them is that you can buy tons of different little snaps for the front that are exchangable. So you can make your shoes look totally different to match whatever you're wearing!

I loved them!!

Who is excited about turning your clocks back tonight??? I love getting that extra hour of sleep! Hope you have a great night!


  1. HAppy halloween holy kids!! That is so fun! Cute shoes and crazy the wedding is in 2 weeks time flies!! Hope you have a great sunday!!

  2. What sweet students you have.... they all look so smart and cute. I love the shoes and am going to look for them. Where did you get them? I wonder if I can find them in Raleigh?

    Thanks for the prayers. I am have a rough time right now and am really having a hard time learning about my mom. Please keep praying for her healing.

  3. That's a lot of Halloween candy...and trick or treaters! I think those retailers love seeing you and your cart coming! Ha!

    TWO weeks!! It's getting so close. I loved hearing about how J and A are getting their home ready. It's such an exciting time for our kids, isn't it? (I talked to K and K last night on the phone from Houston and they LOVED their new neighborhood and were SO excited. That was good for me.)

    Those shoes are adorable!! I've never seen them, but I'll be looking for them now! Cute.

    I've been thinking about you and your family alot lately. I hope John's grandfather is recovering.

  4. Two weeks away! Wow! I know it is so exciting. I hope John's grandfather is doing better. We have a lot of trick or treaters too. It is unreal. Love the time change!

  5. That is so sweet for your students to come trick or treating to your house! Awww! I love those shoes....SO cute!! I can't believe Ashley's wedding is coming up so quickly... I know it's all so exciting!

  6. How cute are those kids from your class and their siblings!! I have never seen it rain on Halloween either, weird! I love those flats, I am thinking I may need a pair!


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