Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Weekends go by so fast! I can't believe it's already Saturday night! Really...already???'s been a fun weekend so far. Last night we got together with four other couples from our Sunday School class for dinner at Cajun Yard Dog. We have dinner groups in our class where we get together with different couples once a month either out at a restaurant or at somebody's house. I love it because it is such a good way to really have a chance to talk together in a relaxed environment. The couples we were with last night are so sweet and we had a great time...not to mention that the bread pudding at Cajun Yard dog is soooo good! MMMMmmmm!

One of Ashley's roommates from college, Robyn, came in town last night and spent the night with Ashley. She came just to help Ashley with any wedding things she needed done, so today she and Ashley worked on getting her wedding invitations ready to go out. This is what they look like...

My neighbor, Candy, addressed all the invitations with her beautiful calligraphy as a wedding gift to Ashley. The invitations looked so pretty!

I got my hair colored and cut today and got my nails done, too. I know...I felt like a little diva getting all that pampering in one day! haha The only thing I'm not crazy about is how much gel and spray they have to put in my hair to get it straight at the salon. I usually like to wash it and re-style it myself when I get home. Why can't other people style your hair like you do it yourself?? I ended up just putting it up in a pony tail since we were going out and I didn't have much time.

Tonight my whole family went to dinner to celebrate my brother Brent's birthday. I wish I would have gotten a picture of us all together!

His baby, Brooklyn, is doing really well, by the way. Remember she cracked her collar bone last week?? She is such a sweet baby.

Now we're home watching the South Carolina vs. Georgia game. Not looking too good for USC so far. :(


  1. Ashley's invitations are so beautiful. I have always loved calligraphy...even took a class once. Seeing that makes me wish I would have kept it up! This weekend has been long for me. Derek has had drill, and drill weekends are always long. Glad you have had a good one!

  2. The invitations look beautiful!! I love that our oldest children are getting married only 2 weeks apart.

    Have a fun Sunday!

  3. You can pack more in a day than anybody I know...well, yeh, I don't KNOW you, but you know!!!:)

    Don't you love the calligraphy? She did a great job! That was a wedding gift to my daughter too1 People can be so generous and I was so thankful!!!

    I wondered how baby Brooklyn was doing. So glad for the update! have a wonderful week. Wedding day is drawing near. Do you have your dress? Maybe you posted about it now that I asked!

  4. The calligraphy is beautiful Betsy! (And my husband's name is John David too!)

    You feeling better?

    I found myself wishing this was another 3 day weekend. The start of school makes me appreciate weekends so much more.

  5. I love the calligraphy on Ashley's invitations!!! My grandmother can do it and I have always thought it adds such a special touch. Her wedding is right around the corner. WOW!

    I can't wait to see all the pics!!!

  6. Oh wow.. the invitations are gorgeous!


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