Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Happy It's September!

Na na na na...hey hey hey....GOODBYE!!! I am soooo glad to say goodbye to August. I am really not a fan of that month anyway. It is always so blazing hot here in the south and add to that, extremely high humidity and there is not a good hair day to be had! Plus it is the month of spending lots of money (school supplies, etc) and adjusting to all the new beginnings. All of that together just makes it really stressful. So....I was so happy today when I could flip the calendar over to September.

And the first day of September did not disappoint! It was an absolutely beautiful day here today. It was so cool and breezy. I have no idea where all the heat went all of a sudden, but it was wonderful! Taking my kids out to play today was actually enjoyable. I didn't sweat half to death and I even wanted to stay outside longer! I kept the door to my "cottage" (that's the politically correct word for "trailer") open and it was so nice.

Then tonight I went out for my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!

Ashley and I ran some errands and got one before we left. We were just about giddy talking about how good it was and how awesome it felt outside tonight while we were walking to the car.

Thank you God for giving us a break today and for giving us a new month and a fresh start. I needed that! :)

Fall??? Bring it on!!


  1. I have NEVER seen these kinds of temps in August/September before. It's just been so beautiful.

    Perfect weather to spend as much time as possible outside.

  2. Oh..I'm SO with you!! I didn't realize the pumpkin pie latte's are out already.....I'll be headin' to starbucks SOON!!!

    I LOVE Fall too...yippee...

  3. I am really looking forward to fall too! I LOVE all thinks pumpkin & spice! YUM! Here's to both of our lives going at a little slower pace! ha! :)

  4. I wish it was that cool in Texas in September!!!

  5. I am so ready for fall too!! That pumpkin spice latte sounds yummy!! I bet you will have cooler temps before we will!! I am ready to be out of the 100's!!

  6. I tried to stay outside as much as I could. It was so beautiful. I know your daughter at ASU probably had an even better day, weather wise. I went to ASU (many, many years ago!!) and some of my best memories are of just walking around campus on those cool fall days and the excitement in the air. I really didn't get to do a lot of the things I wanted to over the summer, so I am a little bummed it is quickly coming to an end. (But) I am ready to move on, ready for a new chapter in my life.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!


    I am ready for hayrides, pumpkins, trick or treating, and football!

  8. I love everything about fall except for the cool weather. i know...call me a weirdo! I love the pumpkins and the leaves and the mountain apples and football and a good pumpkin spice latte...I just wish it was 85 degrees! Great post!

  9. Amen, I am so ready for fall. We have had a great August compared to "normal". The pumpkin spice latte looks super good. Can't wait to decorate for fall.

  10. I heart fall!!! It is my favorite season!! I'm going to make some Pumpkin-Banana Bread today ~~ yum and maybe some soup tonight~~ yumm yummmm!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  11. It has really felt like Fall is coming here the lately too. What a treat and break from the heat. Bring on the pumpkins and scarecrows! :)

  12. I am SO with you on being glad it's September! I cannot wait!! :) Come on Fall!


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