Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NYC Girls Trip Video

I just wanted to share something with ya'll really quick....

Lindy made a video of our girls trip to NYC recently and I was so excited because I thought she could put it on YouTube and I could put it on here. But that didn't work for some reason??? Anyway...I always have fun seeing my bloggy friends "live and in person"...so if you are interested, you can friend me on Facebook and you can see it on there! We had the BEST time and I think she did a really good job with the video! :)


  1. Makes me want to go to New York!

  2. I have never been able to successfully load a video onto my blog. I need to figure that out. I sure it is really easy and it is just a matter of knowing exactly how to do it. Oh well!!

    Look for me of Facebook!

  3. As soon as I get a FB account I will find you! :) I bet that trip was a blast!

  4. I couldn't get to your video because I'm not one of your friends...

    I was curious to hear your voice because so far, you remind me so much of my husband's cousin who lives outside of Norfolk, VA. Because of that, I feel connected to you, and I always just assume your voice will sound like hers. She is such a neat woman as I think you are, too.

    P.S. How is the baby doing after the fall?

  5. I'm just now catching back up on blogs (again)...

    Lindy did a GREAT job on the video. I really enjoyed it. Of course, I have a dream to go to NYC some day. There may be a future in film for Lindy...

  6. PS. You're even cuter "live" and can I be your sister for the girls' trip to NY next time?? (I'd love to be a part of your family.)

  7. I LOVED it. She did a FANTASTIC job!


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