Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grey's, Bouquets, and I'm Amazed! ;)

Just a few quick things today...

1-I don't normally watch Grey's Anatomy, but I AM curious if Izzie is going to live or die tonight??? What do you think will happen? I might have to TiVo that one!

2-Ashley got her wedding portraits made yesterday and she looked so pretty! I just took along my little camera and took a few pictures while the photographer was working with her. I wish I could show them to you, but I want everything to be a surprise! She would kill me if I showed her in her wedding dress on here! haha

But I can show you her bouquet! It was very "fallish".

3-I saw this on msnbc today....Can you IMAGINE????


  1. Whoa! That is a HUGE baby! My husband weighed 10'3 when he was born naturally and I thought he was big! Your daughter's bouquet is beautiful!

  2. I thought Grey's was terrible tonight, not what I was expecting! I love Ashley's bouquet, gorgeous, I seriously can not wait to see wedding pictures!! I was a 12 pound baby and my mom delivered me naturally!! although I think that baby take the cake!

  3. I love the bouquet! It is so pretty! Yes, I saw that on Yahoo news about that baby! I seriously cannot imagine!

  4. That bouquet is gorgeous!!! He brings memories back!!!

  5. Three words... yes. Beautiful. OUCH!!!!!!

    Have a great week! Love,


  6. her flowers are beautiful!! Can't wait to see everything soon!!! So beautiful!! I'm not a greys watcher probably the only one but yeah!! But that baby oh my gosh huge!!!! Hope your having a good weekend!! ttys

  7. I looove Ashley's bouquet. Makes me want to have a fall wedding!


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