Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football Frenzy! season has officially arrived at the Maddox house! Last night Steve had about 10 guys over for his second round of Fantasy Football drafts. (He's on two teams this year.) They ordered pizza and sat on the porch with their laptops and hung out all night. Steve said they had a lot of fun. Meanwhile, Ashley and I went out for dinner at Panera. :)

Tonight is the college football kickoff...NC State vs. University of South Carolina.

Steve is actually in Raleigh at the game while I am unfortunately stuck here at home watching it from my couch. It is such a PERFECT football game night. I am so jealous!! But there was no way I could have come home after the game and gotten up tomorrow morning for school!

I have no idea who to pull for. We are a such a house divided over here. Ashley is pulling for USC and Steve and Mark are pulling for NC State. I guess I'm in a "win-win" situation. Whichever team wins, I will be happy.

The Carolina Panthers are playing the Steelers tonight, too! So I am going to try to flip back and forth a little bit.

This is such a fun time of year! I am looking forward to some yummy football game food. My very favorite thing is this....

but I also love some of this....

and this....

And a Sunday afternoon with my sweat pants on watching a good game is the BEST. I'm hoping we can get Panthers tickets to at least one game this fall. They are so much fun. And we already have tickets to two college games in October!

Yep, football season is definitely kicking into high gear here. Is anyone else out there a football fan??

Tomorrow is Friday! I'm so looking forward to this long weekend! Yay for Labor Day! :)


  1. I am a football fan, too now that I am finally understanding the game! My husband is a huge football fan (Gators) so we're always watching it! Since I'm from Tennessee, I have to say "Go Vols!"

  2. Yep ~~ huge fan!!! Hubby and I was just talking about it over supper ~~ okay I was talking about how excited I am about Saturday football starting this weekend, and he was smiling at me thinking I am just nutty when it comes to football season. Dak has his first CC meet on Saturday and then football watching on the couch!!! I know, so fun!!!

    Have a Blessed and super evening,

  3. Huge football fan here but a house divided. I'm a Tar Heel and hubby is a Wolfpacker. Tonight, I wish they would both lose but I just can't bring myself to root for NC State.

    I'm not sure the Panthers are going to do much this year:-( We went to a game two years ago and it was fun except sitting around a bunch of drunks.

  4. We do love football at our house. We are a house divided because we have one at Carolina and at State so things can get pretty intense around here. I love being able to root for both of them!

    Because we live in Raleigh, we have really gotten into hockey too and go to a lot of the Hurricanes' games. They really are a lot of fun.

    How is State going for Mark?

  5. I am a football fan too! Since I am from Arkansas, I cheer on the HOGS.

  6. Oh Betsy, you have me craving some chili and cornbread now!! Love football, so ready and we are so ready for some cooler temps! go cats!! As in UK!!


    Tomorrow a whole bunch of us are getting together for our Fantasy Football Draft. My husband and I have a team and we call ourselves "Down, Set, Hutch!"

  8. Yay for Labor Day is right! I'm going to the first Razorback game of the season tomorrow. It's in full swing here, too. I love all that yummy food, too! Have a great long weekend! I think teachers deserve it maybe more than the rest of us. =)

  9. how fun! i love reading your blog you always make me smile or make me hungry or make me laugh you are the best!!

  10. It has been a day FULL of football in our house today! something very relaxing about knowing tomorrow is not the LAST day of the weekend! Did your kids come home for the long weekend?


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