Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Is Here!

It's the first day of fall! I am so excited because I love fall! It is such a pretty season and so cozy, too. I think one of my very favorite months is October! I am so looking forward to the beautiful fall leaves

all the cute trick or treaters

anything apple...apple cider, apple pie, apple dumplings, etc...

fun fall clothes

Brown never fades...

fires in the fireplace

and Thanksgiving

and so much more!

And, of course, on November 14th, Ashley is getting married so that is going to make fall even more special this year. She is getting her wedding portrait made tomorrow so I can't wait to see how those turn out! :)

The weather here has felt like anything BUT fall lately though. It has been so humid and cloudy. Uuuuggghh! But at least we're not getting any of the flooding that they are getting in Atlanta.

Today is actually the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo.

I will never forget that! I was pregnant with Mark and Ashley was about 2 years old. We were camped out behind our couch in the den all night trying to stay away from the sliding glass door and the storm was just raging outside. We had a little portable radio that we were listening to. Our power got knocked out for about a week and alot of Charlotte was damaged or destroyed! That is the only hurricane I have ever really lived through.

So....has anyone gotten the swine flu??

It is really going around here. We have several students at my school that have it and the middle school near our house has it going around, too! I have been trying to teach my kids how to wash their hands and cough into their elbow and we have been dosing up on hand sanitizer. I hope no one in my class gets it!


  1. Are you going to the portrait shoot? I've only been married a little over a year. I remember wanting to go by myself and have the portrait made and at the last minute invited my mom. I think I had treated it like just another item to check of the list. Oh! My! Goodness! I will NEVER forget our time together during the portrait shoot. It was the most precious, girly, time ever.

  2. Yep, we have H1N1 in our house!! I posted a picture of Barrett today all bundled up in a toboggan and with so many layers of clothes on she looked like the Michelin Man. She says she cannot get warm.

    They asked me not to bring her in at the doctor's office, because they are so inundated with cases of the flu. They are no longer giving the H1N1 test. You can only get it if you go to and are admitted to the hospital. They are pretty much diagnosing over the phone. Barrett has every symptom except a sore throat, which is good because I think she would be miserable if she had that too.

    It has poured the entire day here in Raleigh. They are posting flash flood warnings on the TV saying that some North Raleigh areas have had 4 inches of rain today! I can believe it. It has been a good day to be quarantined at home!

  3. I love fall too!! October is one of my favorite months as well! ALthough I am seriously going to miss seeing the leaves change colors, we just don't see that down here in TX and it drives me nuts!! I am thinking of driving to somewhere in AR just to see the leaves!! :) Hopefully no one in your class will get the swine flu. We have been teaching our kids the same thing, I think I am getting on their nerves with it! :)

  4. Aaaackk! The swine flu. Two teachers and two kids in Evan's class have had it. Unfortunately, I think it is just a matter of time. If none of us get it, it will be a miracle. Ha! I'm trying to get excited about Fall. I'm such a summer girl, but reading your list made me feel a little better about it. =)

  5. I am so excited that it's fall, too! I LOVE fall! That is so funny that you mentioned Hurricane Hugo because I just read a book about it to my class (we're learning about severe weather)! I am doing the same thing with hand sanitizer...we are constantly using it and Clorox wipes!! We've had a few out sick, too!

  6. I was born right after that hurricane hit! you see the yellow dot on the lower right...right over puerto rico!! My mom had me in the hospital with no electricity or running water...the nurses told her to name me after the hurricane--huga...SO GLAD my mom doesnt fold under peer pressure!!!

    I love all of your pictures and the polyvore outfits :) YAY for fall wedding :)!!!!

  7. oh and my boyfriend's company had H1N1 breakout at Basic Training!!! its ten times worse when the military gets infected it spreads so fast!!!!

  8. I love the fall season too! We have had several students out with the flu but no confirmed cases of the "bad" one.

  9. I LOVE fall! I just wrote a post about it too. It's definitely my favorite season.


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