Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ashley's Shower

Today we went to a shower for Ashley. One of her best friends, Michelle, that she has know since she was about one year old was sweet enough to host it with her mom, Rhonda.

We had such a great time. They had it in the clubhouse of Michelle's apartments and it was perfect. There was lots of room, but it was still homey and comfortable. And Ashley got sooo many nice gifts. That girl is set! She got her bedding, sheets, towels, a crockpot, a blender, her flatware, dishes, glasses, plus tons more.

We played a game where everyone had to think of a funny or embarrassing memory with Ashley. Here I am with Laura trying to think of something....I have so many memories to pick from!!

And, Michelle knows how much Ashley loves Mexican food, so they had Moe's cater a taco bar. Then we had cheesecake for dessert. Yummm!

Ashley is getting so excited. I was telling her that I had nine showers the summer before my wedding. One of them was a lingerie shower hosted by the deacon's wives in our church. (I know...that's kind of a funny thought in itself!) But somehow with all the showers I had gone to, my mom and I had gotten the time mixed up on this one. I was just getting out of the shower when the hostess called and said, "Ummmm...hi...we were just wondering if you were on your way?" WHAT????? I couldn't believe I had the wrong time. Everyone had already been sitting there for about 30 minutes waiting on us! We started flying around the house grabbing clothes and makeup and I literally got dressed in the car. I arrived at the shower with wet hair and alot of embarrassment!!

For a wedding update...Ashley and John have picked out the apartments they are going to move into and it is about 5 minutes from our house. Yay! I am so glad they are going to be close by. :)

And they bought their wedding rings this week, too. Plus they finalized the honeymoon accomodations, so they are ready for a nice tropical vacation. Ashley's roommate from USC, Rachel, came in town today and helped her do lots of shopping and organizing for the wedding. Rachel got married in January and she has tons of great tips and ideas.

Mark came home tonight, too. He went to Columbia to visit some friends yesterday, so on his way back, he came through Charlotte. When we got home from the shower he was here and I always love that! :) He is such a sweet boy.

I think this is the first time all of my kids have been home in at least a month and I love it!

Before I go, can I just ask you to please pray for my good friend, Ginger?
We have been friends for a long time and now she teaches right next door to me! Anyway, her daddy passed away last week and it has been so very hard on her and her family. You might read her blog!? If you do, I know she would appreciate you stopping by and letting her know you are thinking of her. Thank you!


  1. Ashley looks beautiful!! Sounds like it was a shower and that she got tons of great stuff! YAY!! Love all the pics!!

    I will be praying for your friend too!

  2. It looks like Ashley had a great time and received lots of goodies, too! That's always so much fun!

  3. The showers are always! Some friends of ours hosted a "Stock The Tool Shed" shower for us...really Web :)! If only the thank you notes would write themselves...LOL!

  4. Ashley looks so happy and so pretty! What good friends and a good time! Plus you got to see all your kids so fun!

  5. You have such a pretty /handsome family!

    Doesn't the house feel completely different when everyone is home?


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