Friday, August 21, 2009

Tale Of Taking Two Girls To College

We are finally back from our marathon of moving two college freshmen into their dorms. Oh my goodness...that was exhausting. This whole "letting your baby chicks fly out of the nest" thing is reeeaallly hard! It was two very long days for us. But now Laura and Lindy are all moved in and they are so excited, so we are happy for them.

Thursday we woke up early to take Lindy to ECU. We had the car all packed and then it was time for Laura and Lindy to say goodbye to each other. They have never been apart before. They have always been together, even before they were born. Watching them hug each other goodbye was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. It was so sad.

Here is Lindy all ready to go. Laura was still in her pajamas since it was so early.

Then we were off and on the road. Lindy drove the whole way and Steve and I took turns riding with her. It takes a little more than four hours to get there.

When we got there it was soooo hot! Lindy is on the third floor so poor Steve got so sweaty carrying all that stuff up and down the stairs! Lindy and I got right to work and got everything set up and it all looked so cute. Steve did all the techy stuff like the TV and the computer, etc. In between all this we had to make the customary trip to Target for last minute things we needed and we took Lindy out to lunch at a little local restaurant.

Lindy's roommate, Chelsea, is so sweet. They are going to have so much fun rooming together.

Saying goodbye to Lindy was super sad. It is so hard to leave your kids and come home to their empty room. :( Here we are after a long, hot day...right before we left.

When didn't get home until around 11:00 pm. When we drove up, Laura had just gotten home from a night out with her friends. She got her computer and woke Ashley up and they skyped with Lindy! That was so much fun. We all got to talk to each other and we could see her and she could see us while we talked. I am planning on doing that alot!

I was so tired last night, I slept like a rock.

And just when we thought the fun was over...we got to get up today and do it all over again!

We got up and left around 8:00 this morning for Boone, NC. It is such a beautiful drive up there!

When we got there, they had an assembly line of students in front of Laura's dorm who took every single thing out of our car and took it up to the room for us. That is definitely the way to go! It was so quick and much easier...especially since Laura was on the 6th floor!

Laura's beds were lofted in her room, so it was a little harder to make up the bed.

Then we got to work on her closet. We realized we didn't have enough hangers and some other things we needed, so we decided to take a lunch break and then head to Wal-Mart. That place was a zoo today! I think every student at Appalachian was there along with their parents! We also had lunch at a really yummy Mexican restaurant called Coyote Kitchen. We loved it!

When we got back, it didn't take us long to get everything done and it all turned out adorable.

Here is Laura and her cute roomie, Caitlyn.

Saying goodbye the second time was so hard all over again. I could have hugged Laura forever. I will miss her so much!

But when we were walking away, she was walking back into her dorm and was excited to get started on this new adventure!

Now we are back home and I will probably sleep really late tomorrow. I am so thankful that my girls are happy and they love their schools, but I am glad this is the last time I will ever have to take anyone to their freshman year of college!! :)


  1. Betsy,
    I am crying just reading this. I can only imagine how hard those two days were for you guys (physcially and emotionally). The rooms look so cute! I know you are already looking forward to their first visit back home! =)

  2. I'm sure it's really hard to have both leave at the same time.

    They look so excited, I wish them lots of luck.

  3. This gives me goosebumps Besty. How hard!! Dak is a Junior in HS this year and that has been so hard for me. And college is just around the corner. I may be e-mailing you a lot during those times for moral support from one whose been there =)

    Have a restful, peaceful Saturday,

  4. Aww, I got a little teary eyed reading this! You are such a fun mom! Your girls are so lucky!! And, their rooms look so cute!

  5. Betsy~
    WOW...what an adventure you truly had. I think it's hard enough saying good-bye to ONE...let alone two.

    Our second...(and final) will be a Senior this I'm preparing....because I know how fast time truly goes.

    Sleep late my friend...

  6. Okay, so that first song on your playlist made me cry.
    The night before #2 left I heard the ABBA song Slipping Through My Fingers. (Mama Mia just happened to be on TV.) Have you listened to the words to that song? UGGG! I feel your pain this week! I did okay until I got home and walked into their rooms. It is strange how it looks the same, but just feels so empty. Thank goodness for Skype, Email, cells and texting. I can't imagine what our moms went through!

  7. They look so happy and ready to get started. Makes it easier to leave them. Kind of.

    In just a few weeks I'll be doing the same thing only with #1 son going into Junior year and Daughter going into sophomore year. Going South 10 hours, back home and then north 3 hours.

    Nice job, Mom! (and Dad) :)

  8. Your girls have super cute bedding and they are just as precious and cute as they come! My eyes are all misty for some reason, I don't know why!! I am thinking of you and can't imagine sending mine off! THe pictures are great as always!

  9. Bless your've had a lot going on! I know that must've been hard! They both look so excited, though! Great pictures!!

  10. This brings a tear to my eye just reading it and thinking about how far all of your children have come. Their rooms looks so incredibly adorable and their roomates are precious too.


  11. Aw I know you must have been sad!! I am so excited for them though!!

  12. Oh, Betsy, I feel your heart!! It is so bitter sweet, isn't it? Things are soon to be changing for us again... Kale's last semester in college starts tomorrow...and then on from there.

    I hope you have a good week!!

  13. aww I feel sad for you but happy for everybody in their new adventures in life. Their rooms are so stylin good job to all of you! so cute! Hard times but as a mother you must be so proud of your kids! You have an awesome family lots of fun times ahead!! You are the best mother ever!!

  14. I am with you. It is so hard to see our babies grow up and begin their new journey without us.

  15. I'm all choked up! I can only imagine how hard that was...taking the last two to college. Their rooms are both SO cute!

  16. I can only imagine how physically AND emotionally draining that is!!!! I am glad they are settled in and excited to begin their new adventures! They both look like they lucked up on good roommates! Can't wait to hear more about their experiences!


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