Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This is the first summer that our family has not been able to go on a family vacation together. I guess when your kids get older, it just gets harder to get everyone together. My kids have been working or taking trips with friends and the church all summer so we never could figure out a good time to go anywhere. So....we decided to take two days this week and try the "stay-cation"! Today was our first day. It ended up being only Steve and me with Laura and Lindy because Ashley had to go to her teaching orientation and Mark already had other plans. (I know...we STILL can't get everyone together!! What on earth??)

Here in Charlotte we have a new mass transit system that runs from an area near our house to the downtown area. It is called the Lynx or Light Rail. So today we rode it downtown for lunch and just to hang out for a while. It takes about 20 minutes to get downtown from where we got on, so that isn't too bad.

Charlotte has a nice downtown I think. It is really busy during the week since so many people work there. We don't have the New York skyline or anything, but we do have a few tall buildings like the Bank of America building and a few others.

There are lots of fountains and pretty flowers and little coffee shops.

There are even men sitting out playing chess and enjoying the day.

For lunch we ate at a little restaurant called Phil's New York Deli and Tavern. I got a rueben sandwich and it was delicious!

After lunch we just hung out for a while and then decided to go get some ice cream. By then, Ashley was done with her orientation, so she joined us.

On our way back home, right when we turned onto our street, we saw about five police cars, an ambulance, and a fire truck! They were all parked at a house down the street from us. Apparently, the wife of this house had a three year old little boy and her husband was out of town today. She collapsed and died suddenly today. We don't know them because they just moved in not too long ago. But I do know she was very young....maybe early 30's. It is very sad!

Tonight we ended our day by going to Chili's with our neighbors.

We wanted to say goodbye to everyone leaving for college one last time. Mark's best friend, Michael, who is our next door neighbor is leaving tomorrow. We love our neighbors so much. They are like family to us!

Tomorrow we are headed to the lake for day 2 of our stay-cation. I will tell you all about it soon! :)


  1. Charlotte looks beautiful!! Makes me want to add it to my list of places I want to visit someday.

    So excited for Ashley. Can't wait to hear about how she likes her new job.

    I just love your family and all the fun things you do... makes me wish I was a member of the Maddox household! Have a fun staycation day 2!!

  2. Oh, I miss my hometown!!!

    So sad to hear about that young mom. So very sad!

    As always, I love the pictures and outings you share with us! As the kids get older and have their own lives it is SO hard to get everyone together!! What a great idea...staycation!!!

  3. Betsy, I accidentally deleted my blog. It is now located at Please go there and see my latest post and help me get re-established!

  4. Great pictures!! That is so sad about that woman. I hope you have fun at the lake! I love going to the's so much fun!

  5. That is terrible about the yound lady on your street that died. That just breaks my heart, so so sad for them. I have always wanted to visit NC, I should have done it when I lived a lot closer! I love the outings you and your family do, they look so fun!

  6. oh yes and btw, I love the music on your blog!! :)

  7. I know first hand how much more difficult it becomes to take family vacations, as your children get older, but when it happens it is special!! I think Charlotte looks like a beautiful city. I do hope to visit it someday, especially after seeing your pictures of it. What fun it is seeing you all together. Hope you share more pictures.

    Sadness in the midst of joy, with the death of that dear young mother. Life is so fragile.

  8. I've always wanted to visit Charlotte, so thanks for all of the great info about your wonderful city!

    I feel sad about your neighbor.


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