Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Muffin Saga

It's Saturday! I made it through my first week of school!! It was a great week and I love my class. I will tell you more about all that soon. But I had something funny to tell you today.

Laura sent me this message this morning on Facebook and it made me smile. We always make muffins on Saturday mornings at our house and I think she was just wanting to continue the tradition even though she's at college. I just thought it was a cute story and wanted to share it with you! :) I miss all my kids so much, but they are having fun!

Laura Maddox August 29 at 11:27am
so i thought i would tell you the lovely story of my muffin fiasco.
Muffin Recipe:
2 Eggs
3/4 cup milk
1/4 cup vegetable oil
muffin mix and pan and stuff...

On tuesday i went to the store with caitlin and our two friends and i decided that i would buy muffins. After i got the box of muffins i realized that i needed a muffin tin too. So i looked on a bunch of aisles until i found one. Then i looked on the back of the box (apparently not looking very hard cause i didn't see that i needed vegetable oil.) And I was like ohhh, i also need two eggs. only sells eggs by the dozen and that would have been too many so we decided to go across the street to harris teeter. Wellllll harris teeter only sells 6 eggs if you get the organic kind..sooooo i had to get the expensive organic kind.

Then we got home i was all excited about making muffins..but..oh wait! I didnt have vegetable oil...

A couple days went by and still no vegetable oil. So last night while i was out with elizabeth and abby we went to the bookstore to get vegetable oil from the market place that is inside the was closed. Well we went to another one and they were sold of vegetable oil (which is when i called to ask about canola oil) but I decided to buy muffin cups from there so i wouldnt forget. So when i went to that church thing i decided that I would borrow vegetable oil from the church kitchen and carried it around the rest of the night in a styrofoam cup and it looked like pee! After that i got back to the dorm and made sure we had everything..

OH WAIT. we are out of milk now..yay!! I couldn't ask anyone last night if they had milk because i didnt realize that we were out until like 2 and everyone was asleep. So this morning i asked the only two people who were awake ( 9:30 ) and they both didnt have milk so then i decided to check downstairs in the vending machine (who knew) and they had it! But i forgot app card to buy it i went back and got my card and came back down and got vending machine milk.

Then when i got back upstairs i mixed everything i went to throw the egg shells away in our bathroom so they wouldnt be in our room after making the muffins and..(it gets better) i got locked out of my room!

So then i had to knock on the door for like 7 minutes and wake caitlin up until she came and let me in. Thats when i realized....i didnt own a can opener to open the blueberries with. I asked everyone that i could find that was awake (including a girl doing her laundry) and no one had one. So i rode up and down the elevator until i checked the second to last floor and there was a girl who had one FINALLY. Then i mixed up my muffins..but thats when i realized that there is a bunch of burnt stuff on the bottom of the oven and last night we already had a fire drill cause someone burnt popcorn.

Well i just got my muffins out of the oven..and they are a little darker than i would like and now that its lunch time I am so excited about eating these muffins. Especially since i dont have butter!!

The end.


  1. So funny! It's rough when you're used to having everything at the house!

    I'm glad your first week went well! I can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. I know it is a funny story, but it made me cry. I just felt for her. She tried so hard. She wanted so much for them to be like the muffins at home. Sweet. But sad. :)

  3. she is so cute!! that is funny guess she'll defiantly know for next time eh!!

  4. That's a cute story! How sweet that she went to so much trouble to make muffins like she's used to... and emailed to tell you.

  5. CUTE story! Next time that girl comes home, send her back with some muffin mixes and all the ingredients! Or better yet, send her some muffins!!!

    My mom used to bake muffins for me, then freeze them. I kept them in the dorm freezer. I'd take out several each week and snack on them for a few days.

    Hope you have a great week, Betsy!

  6. Oh my stars ~~ that is so funny!!

  7. This is hilarious and so sweet. I am glad she got to eat them in the end!


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