Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun At The Lake

Today was the second day of our "stay-cation". We decided to go to the lake for most of the day and rent a boat and go tubing. And, of course, our family can never go anywhere without lots of snacks and food so we packed a cooler with sandwiches and crab dip and watermelon and Mexican layer dip and brownies, etc.... Believe me, we didn't go hungry! haha

We had so much fun today. The weather was perfect. It wasn't too hot at all. Lindy's boyfriend, Kevin, went with us too. I am just glad we were all able to work it out so we could finally do something together!

Here are the pictures of our day.

Mark had fun driving the boat...

Kevin and Lindy


Mark and Ashley could stand up!

Ashley riding in the boat...

Steve and me just hanging out and talking...

Kevin, Laura, and Lindy are tubing while the rest of us are enjoying the boat ride...

Kevin and Lindy

Having fun...

Mark showed Laura how to drive.

All the kids swimming in the lake.

Kevin, Laura, and Lindy tubing...

Steve and Lindy

Stay-cations are really fun. If you didn't get to go on a trip this summer, you should try one before the summer is over! :)


  1. Seriously, how fun!! I want to be at the lake now! i love it and want to be on that tube! Love the pictures girl!!

  2. It looks like you guys had a blast!! I just love going to the lake! It's so much fun!

  3. Y'all always have so much fun together! You're a great example of how families should be with one another.

  4. Betsy,
    This looks like so much fun!!!

    D and I have talked about doing this as well the last couple of years. But just haven't been able to even get that together. Oh brother...we are sad. =)

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  5. That is a great idea and it looks like you had fun. We are spending a few days together in Charleston. (My husband had to be here on business.) We have a busy week coming up with my daughter moving into State next Saturday. I can't believe it.


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