Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My dog Rocky wins the prize for "barkiest" dog on the planet!! Oh...my...goodness. He is so verbal! He wishes he could talk so bad. He makes noises all the time. Sometimes it is funny, but other times it drives me crazy! Last night we had a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. He HATES thunder! Jack Russells are very high strung and he just freaks out whenever he hears thunder. Every single time it thundered last night(for about 2 hours), he would bark! Needless to say, it was a long night!

He also hates the vacuum cleaner. This morning I was trying to vacuum and he was just barking up a storm at the vacuum cleaner. His barking is so loud! I usually have to put him in another room just to vacuum the house. Goodness...he is a mess!

Ashley and Laura are gone this week to the beach with my brother Brent and his family. Ashley has been nannying for them this summer and they took her and Laura with them for the week to help out. Lindy stayed home since she was just gone last week. So, today, she and I tried a new restaurant that was just built near our house...Firehouse Subs.

I used to go to one near Steve's office and loved it, so I am glad there is one near by now. It was really good and we had fun hanging out together. Lindy is dog sitting for my parents this week while they are on a trip. So all I have at home this week is Mark! Our house is so quiet. Hmmmm...not sure if I like this! I need to get used to it though because it is about to be like this every day. Sniff sniff!

Tonight Steve and I had a date night. Here we are on our way out...

We used a gift certificate we had to PF Changs. I also happened to have a movie gift card, so we went to see Public Enemies with Johnny Depp. I really liked it. Johnny Depp is just the best "bad boy" ever! He plays John Dillinger in this movie and does an awesome job.

Okay...I need your help. Ashley is trying to get the centerpieces for her reception ready. One of her options is just to use fall flowers. But a friend of ours has offered to loan us 32 Pottery Barn candle lanterns like the large one in this picture....

They would be so pretty on the tables with little votives around them. But we are trying to think about what to put in them or around them on the tables?? We were thinking maybe acorns, berries, fall leaves, etc. Any ideas?? The wedding is in November. If you have any ideas or links, send them to me!! Thank you bloggy friends!


  1. I love the lanterns. A fall wedding will be awesome. I love to decorate my home during the fall. I suggest acorns and fall leaves. Such beautiful colors.

  2. I love the laterns, they are so pretty!! I just got one of the large ones from PB from one of my students at the end of the year. I think mini pumpkins and other fall accents would look beautiful along with the votives.

  3. how about any of these ideas?





  4. I love the lanters, too! I agree that fall leaves and acorns would be so nice!

    I know what you mean about the quiet. Most days I stay so busy it doesn't bother me, but the weekends seem to be harder for me if the kids don't come home. I LOVE the weekends I have them!!

  5. Oh..what a sweet post!

    I LOVE your pup...awe...I could just kiss his face!! I wish our Annabelle would talk too...but then again, maybe not because I'm sure she'd be super sassy!! lol

    I LOVE the lanterns as well. They will be SO beautiful for a fall wedding.....I'm not sure what you could put inside of them...but I know you'll come up with the perfect solution.

    Have a BLESSED day.

  6. Love the lanterns! They are gorgeous. I think fall leaves would be pretty with them.
    And my dog is the same way- he drives me insane most days. :)

  7. Dried hydrangeas would look great at the base!! My daughter and I picked them off every bush in NC for her wedding!!:) Acorns would be great too. I went to a wedding that the men had acorns with a cluster of berries for their boutonnieres. They looked GREAT!! Love the lanterns!!

  8. I love the lanterns. Fall accents around them would look beautiful with berries, leaves and maybe some pumpkins.

    Maggie did the same thing the other night during the storm...had a meltdown!!

  9. Those lanterns are awesome! I think they would be great with some fall flowers, acorns and candles. Chad's cousin had an October wedding a few years back and it was the prettiest wedding I've ever seen (besides my own!) They used pumpkins as flower arrangement holders - like the pumpkin was the vase and beautiful fall flowers were flowing out of them. It was absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

  10. You could put flowers in them somehow or arrange flowers around them with candles in the middle to light it all up. YAY for date night, y'all are so cute! My parents dog's name is Rocky, too cute!

  11. I love those lanterns!!! so fun fall decor!! so pretty! As for barkie and thunder poor dog eh probably wishes he had a bed to hide under eh!! looks like you guys are having fun !!

  12. I love those lanterns! This centerpiece is so pretty with the moss and flowers...to me it kind of has a fall look.



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