Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summertime And The Livin' Is Easy...

Today was probably the first day since summer started that I haven't had anything urgent or pressing to do. So I will admit that I was lazy today! And it was great!

Laura and Lindy and I went to see The Proposal this afternoon.

Goodness, movies are so expensive these days. We went at 5:00 and I thought that would be a matinee, but it wasn't. So it was $10! But we all had a good time and the movie is really cute.

Tonight I didn't have to cook since we had left overs from last night, and I always love that!

Then Steve and I took a walk together after dinner since it was such a nice night out. We love walking together and hopefully we'll get to do more of that now.

Tonight we played cards out on our deck with John and Ashley.

We have to spread a towel out on the table so the cards won't fall through the cracks. We put the radio on and had lots of fun just hanging out. I think we played for over two hours!!

And, I heard some really exciting news today from my friend Lacy!! Go here and check it out. Ashley roomed with Lacy's little sister, Rachel, at USC. Here is Ashley with Rachel at Rachel's wedding earlier this year...

We are soooo happy for her!!

I can't believe July is here already. Slow down, summer!!!!


  1. That is so exciting for Lacy! I get especially excited when someone going through fertility treatments gets pregnant! What a wonderful blessing for them!

  2. I so want to go see The Proposal. Is it more of a mother/daughter movie or a spouse movie?? My hubby doesn't seem too excited about going...... haha

  3. Congrats to Lacy! That is so exciting! I have been wanting to see The Proposal! I think it looks so good!

  4. Joined as a follower on Lacy's blog!! Love an answer to a new mom's prayer!!!

    What card games do yall like to play?? Have you ever played Oh Well???

  5. Kayla and I are planning on seeing The Proposal on Saturday (matinee, of course!).

    I just read Lacy's blog. What a sweet story and testimony.

    I wish I lived close to you and your family. There's always so much fun going on at your house!

  6. Thanks for sharing our good news with others Betsy!! That was too sweet of you! Have a great fourth of July weekend! :)

  7. Yes Yes Yes!! It is Oh *ell but we call it Oh Well!! Don't you love that game? I think it is such a great family thing when we all play cards together. Some are more competitive than others though!! wink wink

    P.S. I LOVED The Proposal


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