Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

We have had a very laid back weekend, really. Yesterday Ashley and I did some more wedding planning and shopping. We picked out her table linens for the reception and we decided to go with flower arrangements on most of the tables, but we will use those lanterns I showed you for the bar tables. I think everything is going to be really pretty!!

Last night we had so much fun having our Sunday School class over for a cookout. We truly have the sweetest couples in our class and I am so thankful that God has put us in there. We love them all. Unfortunately I didn't really take any good pictures. I just wanted to hang out and have fun without worrying about that. We grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs and passed around the new babies that have just been added to our class. I don't think anyone was holding their own baby last night!

Today was a nice day. Church was really good this morning. It seems like we've been gone so much this summer and I have missed being at church every Sunday. After church, we went to La Unica. Mark had to work, but the rest of us got to go. Here we are at lunch...(Steve was there, too!)

Looks like the little boy in the background was looking for someone! haha

When we got home, I was so tired, I took a long nap. Isn't that the best thing ever on a Sunday afternoon?? I think I am taking lazy to the extreme lately! haha I know I need to enjoy it while I can. Steve and I took a walk together this afternoon, so I did get at least a little bit of excercise in!

Tonight, Laura and Lindy had some friends over to watch a 3-D movie. I had to get their pictures in their cool glasses!

Please pray for Ashley this week. She is really hoping she is going to hear from one of the schools where she has interviewed. It is getting down to the wire and she hasn't heard anything. She is trying to be patient and trust God, but it is stressing her out just wondering if she will get a job! Thank you so much. Hope you have a great week!


  1. What a fun weekend! I'll be praying for Ashley... keep us posted. The summer sure is flying by, isn't it?

  2. Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend! If I ever get to come see you I think we'll have to meet at La Unica! LOL!!! That place must be some kind of good! :-)

    I will pray for Ashley... I know how nerve racking that is! When I graduation I interviewed and had such rave reviews and positive feedback and then... nothing! It was about 4 weeks after school started that I got hired and I remember how stressed I was before that! Tell her to hang in there!!

  3. Sunday afternoon naps are the best thing! That's why I am still up cause I am not tired! :) I can't wait to see pics of this wedding, sounds like it is going to be beautiful! I just love reading your blog!

  4. Sounds like y'all had a great weekend...not pushed or stressed.

    And a Sunday afternoon nap is always good! Got one in myself!


  5. I totally saw that little boy in the background before I read ... thats too funny!!

    & will for sure lift up a prayer for Ashley!!!

  6. What a wonderful weekend with your friends and family :)! You guys definitely eat at La Unica a lot so it must be a winner!!!

    I will continue to pray for Ashley as she continues her wait. God has something amazing in store for her...I just know it!

  7. My prayers are with Ashley! I really hope she hears something soon...I know the wait can be scary!

  8. Yall always seem to have so many fun things going on. I remember those days of teens at home. Great memories. Now they are filled with baby things once again....and these are great days too!

    Love it when you share some of the wedding ideas. All three of mine married within 18 months of each other. That is almost a blur to me. Enjoy it!!!

  9. Don't you just love quite Sunday's. Tell Ashley that God will put her at the school where he deems best. It is so hard to be patient but it will be worthwhile!


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