Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recipe Blog Hop-Gourmet Pizza!

First of all, I wanted to join Kelly's blog hop today because anyone that knows me very well knows I love to cook and I always enjoy getting new recipes. I've posted lots and lots of recipes on this blog already, so I was trying to think of one I hadn't ever posted before that was kind of "summery".

I was thinking about some of my favorite summer foods and I would have to say that it is tomatoes...hands down! There is nothing like a yummy vine-ripe tomato in the summer, right?? So, my recipe today includes tomatoes with two of their best friends, mozzarella and basil!

This recipe is fairly simple and it makes a great lunch with a green salad on the side! My whole family loves it.

Gourmet Pizza

Pizza dough (I just use Pillsbury roll out dough--keep it simple!)
1 oz. fresh grated Parmesan cheese
2 T. fresh or 2 t. dried basil
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 cups mozzarella
1 clove garlic, pressed or diced
4 plum tomatoes, sliced

Sprinkle 1 cup mozzarella on pizza crust. Combine basil, remaining mozzarella cheese, paremesan cheese, and mayonnaise and mix together. Add garlic to mixture. Slice tomatoes and arrange on pizza. Cover pizza with cheese mixture and bake at 400for 20-25 minutes until top is golden and bubbly.


Oh...and this is not really a recipe, but I just so happened to try it a few days ago and it was sooooo good. Do you like bananas and peanut butter?? I love them both and especially together!

I was eating a Reese's peanut butter cup the other night and someone had left a sliced banana on the counter with only one bite left. So I popped it into my mouth with the Reese's cup and mmmmmmmmm!!!! That was really good!

I was thinking I should eat those together more often. You could even put them both on top of vanilla ice cream! I know it sounds a little strange, but try it sometime! :)


  1. That banana / peanut butter cup combo sounds DELICIOUS!!! I was thinking you should apply / send a video in to try out for The Next Food Network Star!!!

    I am so happy for Mark and for Steve :)!

  2. I love peanut butter and bananas. I actually slice my banana down the middle, spread some PB on and close it back up to eat. Or a good ole PB and banana sandwich, yum! Lately, I've been eating a little vanilla ice cream topped with a sliced up banana, a tbsp of melted PB, and a little Hershey's chocolate syrup! YUMMO! You got me hungry.

  3. You've got wonderful taste :)

    Stopping by via the blog hop to check out your recipe.

  4. The pizza sounds GREAT!! I will have to try it. Thanks for the great recipe

  5. Ooohhh, I've never thought about Reese's with a banana...sounds great though!!!

  6. The pizza recipe sounds great! We had personal size pizzas tonight. Maybe I've been living in the dark ages (or just not looking at the pizza dough aisle) but I never saw the three pack of pre-made pizza doughs until this past weekend. They were great with fresh veggies from the garden.

  7. yum! That sounds delish! Thanks so much for the recipe and I will for sure be trying it out. :)

  8. sounds so good...I always enjoy my stops at your blog. Had a free night to blog hop.
    Hope you will stop by new Christmas blog ...There is a great giveaway that I will draw for on Oct 1st and all you need to do to enter is comment.


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