Monday, July 20, 2009

Go Pack!

We got some exciting news on Saturday night!

I'm not sure if I told you or not, but Mark decided not to return to the University of South Carolina this year. He really loved it there and had lots of good friends and was very involved, but with three kids in college, it would have required him to take out loans and he didn't want to do that. So he decided to apply to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) and NC State. He has always been an NC State fan. That is where Steve went and ever since Mark was a baby he has worn NC State gear and loved watching their sports teams, etc.

He was accepted to UNCC early in the summer, but it was taking so long to hear back from State that we thought that might not end up being the place for him. But Saturday night he got an e-mail congratulating him on being accepted! He was super excited and so was Steve! I just can't tell you how much fun Steve is going to have going to all the games and just enjoying pulling for the Wolfpack when one of his kids is going there! And Mark is thrilled. Raleigh is only about 2 1/2 hours away. He has lots of friends there and he can't wait to get there and start the new year. Now we have two Wolfpackers in the family!

Meanwhile, we have only one month to go to his orientation, register him for classes, and find him a place to live. Whew...I hope we can get it all done!

I have been busy today. This is the first week this whole summer that I have been home with nowhere to go, so I am trying to make the most of it. I did some yard work, laundry, got my nails done, and did some grocery shopping.

I found something kind of fun today...

The International School of Color and Design offers this quiz to help you find your interior decorating style. Mine was fairly "on target" I thought!

And, I can't wait to see this. It looks reallllly good!

Well, I am off to finish all my errands. I hope you are having a good Monday!


  1. Yay! for Mark. Two and a half hours isn't bad at all - that's how far Kale is from us.

    Kayla and I are planning on seeing "The Time Traveler's Wife", too!!

  2. Big Congrats to Mark. My husband is a Wolfpacker too:-) He has such great memories from his time in college. We get down their a few times a year. We both love Raleigh.

  3. Thanks for you sweet comment! I'm going to have to follow your blog for advice on raising kids! 4! Wow! Your family is beautiful!

  4. Congratulations to Mark! That is great news. Three in college is HUGE. Yeah for in-state schools! So happy for you guys.

  5. Congratulations to Mark and Steve =) How exciting for you all!!!

    I haven't seen anything about this movie ~~ it looks really good!!

    Have a blessed evening,

  6. Hi! I'm new here.... but I will be back to visit again.
    I, too, have 4 children although mine are still small. AND I live in NC, too. =)
    Blessings on your this day!
    In HIM -

  7. That is so awesome for mark and steve thats exciting!! ANd that movie looks so good!!!Have a great week!! {OH and I just get my quotes from everywhere books sites billboards papers I just love quotes and when they jump out at me I like to use them!!} ttys

  8. Congratulations to Mark on being accepted! That is great news and it's close to home...that's even better!!


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