Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Doing Our Best To Waste Another Day...

Well, I could show you what we did today, but it was pretty much the exact same thing we've done for the past two days....alot of nothin'! It was gorgeous weather again today and a perfect Florida day at the beach.

Ashley told me this was the best vacation she'd ever had! (I think just because it's been so relaxing.) She and Mark have both been super busy and working hard this summer, so we let them decide what they wanted to do while we were here. Right now they are all about just complete relaxation. We thought about renting jet skis today, but decided against it because they just wanted to go to the beach and lie in the sun and swim and read.

When we got to the beach today we saw the weirdest thing. There were dragonflies everywhere! They were swarming all over the place. I have never seen that many dragonflies in one place. It was similar to swarms of bees. When we got out of the car at the beach, this is one that was on the car antennae!

Luckily they don't hurt you!

We had alot of fun together today playing football in the water and laughing and talking. While we were swimming in the ocean, Ashley was telling us a story she had seen on the show I Shouldn't Be Alive. I had never seen this show before, have you??

The story she was telling us was about two scuba divers that were stranded in the ocean for over 24 hours. It was a very scary story. And, guess what? When we got home that show came on and it was that exact episode! Wow-I'm glad I saw it after I was at the beach today!

Tonight we went out to dinner at a restaurant called The Quarterdeck.

We had planned on going out to City Place for some shopping after dinner, but it was raining really hard, so we just came home and played cards. Our favorite game is called Beacon Hill Rummy. We turned the TV on to one of those stations that plays music. I wish I could show you how dorky we looked sitting there playing cards and all of us singing along with songs like "Gettin' Jiggy With It" and "I Love Rock 'N Roll"! Yep, that's our family for you! ;)

Tomorrow is our last day here. That went by way too fast! I am planning on enjoying every minute of the time we have left.


  1. I'm glad y'all have enjoyed relaxing and spending time together. Don't you just love hangin' with your adult kids??

  2. That pic of the dragonfly is incredible! I haven't seen that show that Ashley told you about, but I will check it out!

  3. Everything about your trip seemed so all about FAMILY. I love that! I am so glad yall had a great time. Memories!!!

  4. I am so jealous and so happy that you are relaxing with your toes in your sand :)!


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