Monday, June 8, 2009

Senior Night At Church

Last night was our Senior Night at church. This is a night when our church hosts a really nice dinner for all the seniors and their parents and family. They show a cute slide show of all the seniors as they are growing up with tons of baby pictures and pictures of GA & RA Recognitions, choir performances, camps, VBS, etc. Lots of the seniors at our church have been together since they were born!

They have grown up together and been at the same church through their whole lives! Laura and Lindy are two of these babies that have been there since the beginning.

After dinner, we have a worship service where each senior chooses someone in their life that has been a spiritual role model to them. That person "robes" them with a sash that just signifies this special night together. Lindy chose Steve and Laura chose Ashley. It was a really sweet night. Afterwards, we had dessert and took lots of pictures! Here are a few...

Laura and Lindy love their youth pastor, Greg King! What a great role model and godly man he is to our young people!!


Mark with Laura and Lindy...

Ashley, Mark, Laura, and Lindy...

Laura and Lindy with their two good friends Hannah and Melissa...

Laura and Lindy with my parents...

Laura and Lindy with Steve's parents...

We have been so blessed to raise our children in such a wonderful church. I'm so thankful for everyone who has touched their lives through the years and helped them grow closer to the Lord!

I can't believe graduation is Friday! Today was Laura and Lindy's last exam. They are officially DONE!!! Woo hoo!


  1. Brings back such wonderful memories. I'll being thinking of your Friday night.

  2. Congratulations to Laura and Lindy!! What a fun night for them!! Our church does a Sr. Recognition during the worship service and I cry nearly every year!!!

    You have a very beautiful family!!

    My your busy....end of school, graduations, weddings!!!!!

  3. What a great night for you guys. I am so excited for all your girls - what a neat time in your lives!

  4. Y'all have a LOT of seniors at your church. How great that Laura and Lindy are in the group who has been there from birth!

    Such exciting times in the Maddox household!

  5. What a great idea and night how fun! So nice to have such great role models in there lives too. Congrats to them too what a big year for you guys eh so much going on! Hope your having a great week! ttys

  6. What a special thing for your church to do for all of the seniors! I bet the slide show was a tear jerker!! :-)

  7. Congratulations to both Laura and Lindy! Looks like y'all had such a great time.

  8. WOW that is GREAT!!!!! Congratulations to Laura and Lindy. I remember back in August when you blogged about Mark's first year in college and Laura and Lindy's last year of high school. I remember thinking I'll be reading about their graduation before I know it and here it is. You must be so proud!!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  9. I have been spending a little time tonight catching up on some of my favorite blogs.

    I can't believe your galz are graduating. I remember you doing this post last year for Mark. Time has certainly flown!!!

    Can't wait to read all about Ashley's wedding details this summer. She is going to be such a beautiful bride!

  10. I love your blog---it's so adorable!!!


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