Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Schoooool's Out For Summer!!!!

So this is what it felt like at school today...

And this is a book I read my class today....

And this is what it was like at the end of the day waving all my sweet boys and girls off as they left for the last time this year (a tradition at our school)....

Woo hoo!!! I finally made it to the last day. I am glad this year is over, but it was still sad saying goodbye to my class today. As I was walking each child to the bus and hugging them goodbye, one little boy said, "My heart is half full of happiness and half full of sadness..." I told him I felt the same way! So sweet!

Tomorrow is a work day, so I hope I can get everything done in one day so I don't have to go back next week. Friday is Laura and Lindy's graduation and I am not planning on working that day.

One of the little girls in my class gave me a gift card to Macaroni Grill today as a gift. So, tonight we went out to celebrate! It was just Steve and me with Ashley and Lindy.

Summer is already here for my kids. They are playing games and watching movies and having friends over and going out for ice cream. Tonight Ashley is out with John, Lindy's boyfriend is over watching a movie, and Laura has her friend Amanda over and they are playing games. Here they are playing Don't Break The Ice!

So, after tomorrow, I am saying goodbye to school for about 10 weeks and I get to join in all the fun! Let the relaxing begin!!!! :)


  1. Woohoo! I hope tomorrow is SUPER productive for you so you can be officially finished!

    Our teachers wave goodbye too...while blowing lots and lots of bubbles! THe kids LOVE it!!!

  2. YAY for school being out!! I know I was so excited the day ours was out!! That's so sweet what that little boy said...aww! class said, "See ya next year." Haha!

  3. YAY!!! How fun!! Relaxing and having summer fun. Nothing like summer fun. Dak is tutoring for summer school. It will be so fun when he is out officially for the summer...two more weeks.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  4. Congrats on being all done!!! i play break the ice with my niece a lot and her 2 1/2 year old brother loves to run up to it as fast as he can while we are playing and smash all the pieces down and then runs off laughing!

  5. Sweet post, Betsy. I was one of those kids who never wanted to leave a good teacher at the end of the year. You MUST be a great teacher!!

    I hope you have the best summer!

  6. WooHoo! I can't even imagine how excited you must be to have 10 weeks off! And what a great way to begin the celebration - with Macaroni Grill!

    I hope you have a wonderful Summer --starting THIS weekend!

  7. YEAH!!!! Enjoy your summer you are such an awesome teacher! Hope you have lots of fun this summer! Sleep in already?? Hope so!

  8. I am so glad you are out for summer now too! We always line up and wave to the kids on the busses as they pull out too and all the busses just lay on their horns, it is so fun!!


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