Monday, June 15, 2009

Party On!

This weekend has been one gigantic celebration! Saturday, Steve and I brought lunch to some friends of ours who just had twin boys. We got to stay a while and visit with them and try to give them any advice we could about having twins. Most of all, we told them to remember that "this too shall pass" and these early baby days will eventually get easier and the babies will grow!

Laura and Lindy had their last dance recital on Saturday afternoon. They have danced all their growing up years. I can't even count how many dance recitals we have gone to! But this one was really quick. We got there, watched them dance, then had to leave to get ready to go to another party.

Saturday night a good friend of mine, Indu, that I teach with had a graduation party for her daughter, Sneha. Sneha is friends with Laura and Lindy, too. Indu is from India and has such a wonderful community of Indian friends here. They were all there to support Sneha and the party was very colorful and festive with everyone in their saris and lots of yummy Indian food! I couldn't get over how many people were there. It was definitely a celebration!

Last night was our party for Laura and Lindy.

We had our family and some friends over to celebrate their graduation and all their accomplishments. I had barbeque brought in and made lots of sides to go with it. Ashley made a strawberry rhubarb pie and those little graduation hats that I saw on Bakerella. They turned out super cute! Steve had worked really hard on getting a video together of all Laura and Lindy's pictures growing up and we showed that.

Laura and Lindy got so spoiled by so many nice and thoughtful gifts. They get really shy when they open presents in front of people, but they were so excited and thankful for everything they got!! After the party was over, they kept telling us thank you so much and how they felt so blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends. It just so happens that my good friend and our neighbor, Candy, was Laura and Lindy's third grade teacher!!

Here are just a few pictures of our night...

After they opened gifts, everyone just hung out on the porch and played ladder ball, which we discovered last summer. It was a fun night and I hope Laura and Lindy know how much we love them and wish them all the best as they start this new chapter in their lives.

I can't believe all the celebrating is finally over!!! Wow--it has been about six weeks of non-stop partying! haha Laura and Lindy are headed for the beach with their church friends this week and Steve and I are taking a little trip to Charleston. I am so ready to be sitting by a pool with a book in hand and nothing on my mind but enjoying the day. Sounds like heaven to me! :)


  1. Congrats to your girls! Have fun in Charleston!

  2. Congratulation to Laura and Lindy!!! How exciting!!

    Sounds like ya'll had a really good time ~~ now bring on the relaxing =)

    Have a Blessed and restful Monday,

  3. I know you are proud of your girls! Enjoy your time in deserve the rest!

  4. The party looked like so much fun!! Congrats to Laura and Lindy!!

  5. I have been catching up on all the fun, exciting times your family has been having :)!

    I can't believe the galz are all graduated and next year it will just be you and Steve. What a bittersweet time. I hope this summer you are able to make a ton of wonderful memories with your family!!!

  6. How great that your girls expressed their appreciation and gratitude to y'all!! I love that.

    Enjoy your little slice of heaven with Steve!

  7. Congratulations to Laura and Lindy! Sweet pictures.

    Have fun in Charleston - let the relaxation begin!

  8. WOW! That's a lot of celebrating! lol. I know you are so proud of your girls!!!

    FYI, I also discovered ladder ball... it's so fun!


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