Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Beginnings...

Today we went to a baby shower for a couple in our Sunday School class. We are having so many boys in our class lately! Just this week, two couples in our class had little boys. Here are Laura and Zach with their new baby boy, Knox.

And another couple, Michael and Heather, had this little sweetie pie, Asher. Isn't he the cutest thing??

And the couple having the shower today are having a little boy in September, so we had a shower/cookout for them today. It was sooooo HOT! We stayed in the nice cool air conditioning though.

Tonight Steve's parents had us over for dinner which was really sweet. They had gone to a farmer's market earlier today and gotten lots of fresh vegetables, so they cooked those for us. I love when someone cooks for me! :)

I thought when summer got here things might slow down. Was that just wishful thinking?? I had a math workshop for school all day on Friday (uuuggghh!...not my idea of a fun way to spend a summer day!). Then I drove to Boone and met Steve and Laura at the freshman orientation at Appalachian. I was so happy for Laura. The orientation is meant to get the freshman excited about coming to school there, and that's just what it did! She loved it and can't wait for school to start. Even though I will miss her so much, I just want her to be happy!

Most of the time she was in meetings, but she did get to spend a little bit of time with us. We had a good time walking around campus and exploring. It is in the mountains, so it is really pretty. My legs are so sore from all the hills! I am really out of shape apparently. Here are some of our pictures....

We have Lindy's orientation in July. I have never been to East Carolina University before, so I am excited to see it! Keep praying for us...we have so many changes and new beginnings ahead of us!



  1. Beautiful babies!! I always love to hear what people name their babies... Asher and Knox are so cute.

    The photos of Laura's school look like it has a beautiful campus. I like that picture of Laura walking... it looks like she's steppin' it off!

    I can understand what you're going through with all the changes that you're experiencing this year. You're in my prayers, friend!

  2. WOw yes you do ! Crazy how life slips away and your babies are all grown up mine's only going into 2nd grade but I already figured out that it will always feel like they were just your sweet little babies. love the pictures cute little babies! Good luck with everything!! What a summer already..ttys

  3. What I love about you and Steve most I think is how I can tell you make each child feel special with every milestone. I just love how you do things with each one individually and also as a family! Just something I've observed and think is super sweet!!!

  4. Appalachian is such a pretty place. Not as much this time of year, but in the fall....ooh laa laa it is beautiful!!! Hope they do okay going to different schools. As hard as sending them away to college is, I always enjoyed the new places to visit!!!

  5. That campus looks really pretty! I remember being shocked by the hills at Clemson after growing up in the flat lowcountry. Laura will get some great working out done walking to & from classes! Thinking of your family as it goes through so many changes!

  6. Such exciting times all around!

  7. I am so excited for your girls, but I know it'll be tough for you with an empty nest! I think it's neat they they chose different schools... they seem like such smart, independent girls!! :-) A. State looks like a really pretty campus, can't wait to hear about East Carolina!


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