Thursday, June 4, 2009

Almost Done

How did this many days go by without blogging?? Things are finally starting to wind down some and could that be a little tiny ray of light at the end of this tunnel???

Let me just catch you up on a few things really quickly. (Once school is out, I am looking forward to blogging more)...but for now:

*We went ahead and got Lindy her graduation present early. She has reaaaallllyyy been wanting a MacBook since she is going to be doing a lot with video editing and graphic design next year. So she and Steve went shopping Saturday at the Apple store and she got one. She is already loving it!

He even helped her get it all set up...

*I saw these cute little graduation hats this week on Bakerella.

I thought they were such a great idea. They are made with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Godiva chocolates! If anyone is looking for graduation ideas, here is a good one! :)

*When I drove up in my driveway the other day, my gardenia bushes were blooming like crazy!! I just had to cut some and put them in a bowl on my table and now they smell so good every time I walk by!

*My mom is the sweetest. She used to be a teacher, too, and she knows how stressful the last few weeks of school can be. So she brought my dinner over on Tuesday night....complete with paper plates, napkins, and cups so I didn't have to do any dishes, and candles for relaxing with!

Speaking of candles, I love them! Yesterday after school I went to the visitation for a friend of mine whose dad passed away. It was about an hour from here, so I got home late. But once I was home, I put on shorts and a t-shirt, went out on my back porch and lit candles everywhere and just sat out there listening to the cicadas and frogs and smelling the freshly cut grass and scent of the flowers. Now THAT will bring your stress level down!!

Well, tomorrow is Friday. It is my last Friday of the school year!!! Have a great day!


  1. Happy Friday Betsy! I know you are getting excited about the summer months!!!

    I luv sitting out on the porch in the late evening too! It has really been "HOT" here in Arkansas until last night and a cool front came through, so I've been enjoying the porch this evening. I have my candles lit too!

  2. Such a tranquil idea...sitting on the porch with candles.....

    I'm like you though, my life is so busy right now, that is not even an option!!

    Have a great Friday!


  3. Hi Betsy,
    I'm so glad that things are about to slow down for you for the summer.

    I love back porch sitting ~~ I need to light some candles outside though, and really take it easy. That would be nice.

    Have a Blessed and Beautiful last Friday of the school year kind of day,

  4. Just a few more days...hang in there!

    What a cool gift for Lindy!!! John and I both have Macbooks. LOVE them. She might convert you all to Macs!

    Cute grad hats. I love that idea.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Your mom is always SO thoughtful!!

    Have a great last Friday of the school-year.

  6. What a great thing your mom did for you. Those are the kinds of things I love to do for my own kids!!

    Love your bowl of gardenias. I too have a bush and I will be filling up a bowl tonight....and maybe even light a candle!

    Lindy will love her MacBook. My DIL loves hers!! By the way, she looks so much like YOU! What a pretty girl!!

  7. Hey good luck with all the last days before summer! I thought of you on vacation as we drove past west palm beach fun!! Hope you have a great relaxing summer!!! How fun to have your kids around too eh!

  8. Let's don't even talk about how many days have gone by without blogging?!?!? I cannot seem to get caught up.

    Lindy's MacBook looks just like mine! I know that she is going to LOVE it! It will come in so handy for her next year. What an awesome graduation present!

    And how cute are those little graduation hats! Adorable!

    Hope you have a great weekend, my friend,

  9. YAY for last Friday of the school year! I am glad to know I am not the only one that loses all touch with everything the last couple weeks of school... I think people think it should be a breeze, but when you live it is full, busy, and stressful! Your evening sit on the porch is the essence of summertime! Sounds wonderful!

  10. Betsy you have the sweetest Momma in the world, such a thoughtful woman, I just love her.


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