Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Weekend Is Over Already???

How does Sunday get here so fast? Is the weekend really almost over?? I think it's just that we have so much going on that it goes by in a flash. What did we do this weekend?

*Friday night we went to dinner at On The Border to say goodbye to couple who is moving away. They have been called to a church in Fayetteville, North Carolina to work with the youth there. We are so excited for them! We had a really big group of people and I tried the fish tacos there and they were yummy! :)

When I got home, Ashley and I tried to watch Bride Wars, but I think I fell asleep after about 15 minutes!

I am pitiful on Friday nights. haha I am going to try it again soon one day when I'm not so tired.

*Saturday I did some shopping using a few gift cards I had. I also returned some things that I got for my birthday that didn't fit. It was fun buying a few spring dresses and some sandals. I LOVE Ann Taylor Loft! I got these two dresses that are perfect for dressing up or down and they are soooo comfortable.

*Saturday was a bridal shower for one of my good friend's daughters. She is getting married in June. I can't believe our girls are growing up so fast. I can remember when they were both babies! :)

*Saturday night we had dinner at home. I made cube steak and gravy with rice and vegetables. It was nice having a night together without anywhere to go! My kids had friends over and played Monopoly until really late. Only they played the new electronic banking edition! In this Monopoly, you don't use cash, you use credit cards. Is that crazy or what??

All the neighbors are home from college, so it's like having all my kids back! They love each other.

*Today church was so good. Have you ever heard of cardboard testimonies? Our church is emphasizing "telling your story" and how the most meaningful thing you can really do to share your faith is just to go out and tell what God has done for you. That is what people really want to hear. So today our pastor "told his story"...his testimony. Then about 20 people got up and gave their cardboard testimony. It was so touching and powerful. Here is a clip of what I'm talking about.

*I got alot done this afternoon. I finished Laura and Lindy's graduation invitations. They will go out this week. And I organized our linen closet. Ashley brought home so many blankets and pillows (not to mention all her other stuff) that we couldn't get everything in the closet! We took the weekend to organize our garage and try to fit all her stuff in there and thanks to Steve, that's done, too!
Yay for being able to pull a car into the garage again! :)

Hope you had a good weekend!!


  1. I'm not so sure about "fish tacos". Ick.

    Those dresses are so cute - perfect for summer.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Cardboard Testimonies. (I may have to put a bug in the preacher's ear about it.)

  2. I have actually had fish tacos, too, and they were delicious! I LOVE On The Border!

    You and I sound a lot alike when it comes to staying awake for a movie! I even fall asleep in the theater!

    Hope you have a great week, my friend,

  3. No fish tacos for me, allergic ~~ bummer!!!

    Those dresses are adorable, and I also love ATL!!

    Sounds like a fun and busy weekend.

    Have a Blessed week,

  4. Betsy, I love reading your blog. One thing I always think is "Wow, she gets so much done on her weekends!" I truly wish I could accomplish as much but I have young children so maybe that's the difference?? Anyway, I always enjoy reading and love how you include aspects of living out your Christian life with other things like recipes and shopping purchases.

    Thanks for blogging.:)

  5. Amen! The weekend does seem to fly by and then it is Monday before you know it :)!

    Those dresses you picked out are gorgeous and definitely fit your wonderful spirit!

  6. I just love your blog. I've been following it for about a year and it's one of my favorites. You seem like such a nice family with so many friends!

    I enjoy hearing about all the places you go to eat. I'm amazed you stay in such good shape eating out so much. I don't know how you do it. :)

  7. Watching the cardboard testimonies brought back memories for me. Tony, Katie and me shared ours this summer at changing.

    Didn't have time to watch Bride Wars tonight! Maybe this weekend! Love the dresses! :)

  8. I know you are tickled pink the kids are home for the summer!!!

    LUV the Cardboard Testimonies!!!

  9. You have a great blog...I enjoyed my visit. Stop by and visit me when you have some time and read about our latest Disney adventures....Grandparent trips are the BEST...and every comment enters you for the May giveaway.

  10. Weekends do go by much faster than work days!!! Yuck!!

    I love OTB and I love their fish tacos. I just don't get to go very often since it is one of Bryan's least favorites.

    I was not a fan of Bride Wars. I thought it was kind of slow.

  11. Found your blog thru KellysKorner. I LOVE this video. Our church did this years ago and I have often wished to see it again! Thanks for sharing.


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