Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NYC-Day 2

Today we decided to go to Midtown Manhattan for the day. And it just wouldn't be right if we didn't start by going to Starbucks!

My girls even did a two week Starbucks "fast" before we came so that it would taste extra good when we got here. haha I think we might have some mild addicts on our hands! :)

New York is starting to look a little bit like spring...but it is still COOOOOOLLLDD!!

We had heard really good things about a bagel place called Ess-A-Bagel, so we decided to try that this morning. It was a very authentic Jewish deli.

It was really loud and the guys behind the counter were arguing in thick accents and the customers were very demanding about how they wanted their bagels and coffee! The guy taking mine and Ashley's order asked us (in an accent so thick I could hardly understand him), "Where are you from?" and we told him from Charlotte, North Carolina. He smiled and said, "You are nice ladies. I would have hung out with you in high school!" That made us laugh. While we were sitting there eating, it started snowing!! Yes, it is April and snowing here in New York.

Next we hopped on the subway to Times Square...the heart of NYC!

It just amazes me how much energy is there...and by that I mean the all the people and all the lights! It is just pulsing with people from all over the world. We had fun just walking around and going in some of the stores there (MTV store, H & M, the NBA store, etc.).

We loved the M & M store. It was super cold and windy today so we kept ducking into stores to warm up.

Did you know we met Morgan Freeman on the street?? Just was only the Wax Museum...

Here we are at the MTV store...

After we left Times Square, we rode the subway back to Rockefeller Center.

It was so cold today that there were even ice-skaters skating!!

Around 2:00 we were getting hungry so we found just a little local place called Variety Cafe to eat lunch. Oh my goodness how do all these New York restaurants have such fresh fruits and vegetables? This place had strawberries the size of apples and fresh pineapple, oranges, watermelon, etc. Plus they had every kind of yummy salad you could imagine (chicken, crab, tomato and cilantro, Asian pasta, etc...) Plus the sandwiches are HUGE!! Piled so high with meat and cheese! We loved it!

Lindy has had alot of trouble with her eyes lately. Her contacts have really been bothering her and making her eyes hurt. Plus she didn't sleep very well last night so she wanted to come back to the room and rest for a little while. I came back with her while Laura and Ashley did a little more shopping. Ashley got an Easter dress at J Crew that is really cute.

Tonight we went to dinner at a little place called Maria Pia's. It is an Italian restaurant in the Theater District that we have been to before and really liked.

Then we went to see Jersey Boys.

It was so good!! I love all the Frankie Valli songs and it was one of those musicals where everyone is singing along. We had three older men who were friends and seemed like they were from New Jersey (from their accents) sitting behind us and they were having the best time singing along with all the songs! I'm sure those songs were all from their era and they were so cute. The play was just amazing and had so much energy. The singing was incredible and the story was interesting, but sad. It was a fun night!!


  1. I'm so glad you're updating everyday of your NYC trip! I love all the pictures! Have fun!!

  2. What a great day! The tulips are so pretty! Love the J. Crew Easter Dress.


  4. Sounds like so much fun! I cannot wait to find out where you are staying. We love to go to NYC, but need a new hotel :)

    I love the Easter dress - so cute!

  5. Snowing? WOW!!! I am glad that there are plenty of stores in NYC to keep you warm and toasty :)!

    The bagel shop story was very interesting and funny! That is one great thing about never know what you are going to get.

    HAVE FUN!!!

  6. Hey there,
    So glad you and the girls are having fun! It actually snowed in the mountains here on Tuesday and Wed. Love the bagel story...that is really sweet. Have a great day!

  7. so glad you are having so much fun, just wish it was warmer for you! we were there last december and were bundled up like you...crazy it's that cold in april! Oh and Richard said he saw you guys in the airport! he was on the way to rhode island for work and coming back today. Hope the rest of your trip goes great and the flights back are on schedule! =) Can't wait to see day 3!

  8. What a fun post!

    Even with the cold and snow... I'm still jealous!!


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