Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Day Of Spring Break!

I finally made it to SPRING BREAK!!!!!

And the first day was amazing. It was absolutely gorgeous here today. To start, I got to sleep in this morning. HEAVEN!! I have been going so hard and fast for about three weeks now. I know I need to catch up on lots of sleep this week.

Then Laura and I went shopping together this morning. We got her a prom dress that is really pretty on her. And we just ran lots of little errands. Then we met Lindy for lunch at Moe's Southwest Grille.

This afternoon Steve and I spent a long time cleaning off our screened-in porch. We have speakers out there so we put on some music and went to work with our brooms and mops and sponges. I was so excited to sweep away all the dirt and pollen and wash all the furniture and bring out all the pillows. I absolutely love spending time outside on that porch and today was really the first time we were able to do that. Once it was all clean, I took a magazine out there and had the best time relaxing and reading. And we grilled out hamburgers tonight and ate dinner outside.

One of the things I love about North Carolina is our state tree...the dogwood. They are blooming everywhere and are just so beautiful right now. We have two in our backyard and they make me happy just looking at them!

There was a huge sale on strawberries today at the grocery store, so I bought a bunch and made strawberry shortcake for dessert. That is one of my favorite things about spring...those yummy strawberries!

Tonight we are watching my Tarheels play in the Final Four! So far they are doing great against Villanova. If they win, they will play on Monday night while we are in New York. We have already decided that we will have to find somewhere to watch the game that night in NYC!

Hope you had a great Saturday!


  1. Your day sounds perfect! I love strawberries and burgers and dogwoods!

    Enjoy your spring break. I know that you are so thankful for the downtime!

  2. Strawberries, dogwoods, normally great weather and Tar Heels.....we are very lucky here in NC. This game can't end soon enough but it's looking better with each tick of the clock. Can't wait for your reports from the Big Apple!

  3. GOOOO TAR HEELS :) I just did a cute post about them! LOVE THEM...and Dogwood trees!

  4. Happy Spring break!!! It sounds like you and I love the same things, dogwoods, strawberries and our screened in backporches with music playing. Throw in a grilled hamburger. Heaven!!

    Can't wait to hear about your NYC trip.

  5. What a great way to start spring break. Our dogwoods are blooming here, too. Just love them! The ice storm did a number on our trees this year though, so things look odd.

    My mom used to fix strawberry shortcake for my birthday (Jodi does that for me now) because it's my FAVORITE!!

    Enjoy your trip to the Big Apple! Can't wait to hear what fun y'all find there!

  6. Yay for spring and a BIGGER YAY for spring break! If I had to wait as long as you did for spring break I don't know if I would have made it!! :-)

  7. I have to agree with Meredith that your day sounds like absolute perfection :)! How I would love to sit on that porch with you and just talk for hours!!!

    Go Tar Heels!!! It is going to be a pretty intense game tonight but a good one :)!

    Be sure to take lots of pics while you are in NYC!!!

  8. I really enjoy your blog. Your day sounded wonderful.

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  9. Betsy,
    YAY for spring break and NC. Tyler Hansborough is from Poplar Bluff MO. Go Tyler and NC =)

    Hope you are having fun in NYC.

    Have a Blessed time,

  10. Hey Betsy;

    Stop by and enter my spring giveaway!


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