Monday, April 6, 2009

Are We There Yet???!!!

Oh. my. goodness....You will not BELIEVE our day today. Seriously. It was probably one of the longest days I think I've ever spent!!
We woke up this morning bright and early ready to get on a plane and fly away to New York City. We got to the airport at around 7:00 and got our tickets, went through security and got to our terminal right on time. We boarded the plane and were all set to take off when the captain came on the intercom and said that our flight would be delayed due to thunderstorms and heavy rain in NYC. Here we are before we got the bad news...all happy and excited!

We were patient with knowing we might have to wait awhile, but then he came on again and again and again until he had told us that so many times that we ended up sitting on the runway for TWO HOURS!! Finally, he came on one final time and said the flight was CANCELLED. La Guardia was CLOSED!! Can you believe that???

The poor little high school girl sitting beside Laura just burst out crying because she was trying to get to NYC to meet her school for a trip to Italy and she wasn't sure she would make it now. But, believe me, she wasn't the only one that felt like crying.

Anyway...we deboarded the plane and headed to the ticket counter to change our tickets to the next available flight. Guess when that was?? 4:50!! So sad. The only thing we could do was just find a place to eat in the airport and wait...and wait...and read books...and buy puzzle books...and wait!!!

We were sitting in one concourse waiting, when they came on and announced that we needed to move to another concourse. When we got to the new concourse, we found out our flight was delayed again!! At this point we were getting a little giddy and giggly.

We FINALLY left Charlotte at 5:45 tonight. We arrived in NYC around 6:50 and we could have just about kissed the ground. That was a LOOOOONNNNNGG day! We made it to our hotel and freshened up, then we headed out to dinner. In keeping with the day, the place we had picked out to eat dinner was no longer around. But there was a new burger place where it used to be, so we went there anyway. My girls were excited because even though they were under new ownership, they still had the yummy fried pickles that we loved so much last time. So we were okay.

Now we are back at the hotel watching Carolina beat Michigan State!!! Yay for the Tarheels! We are getting up early tomorrow and trying to make the most of the days we have left.


  1. I'm so sorry about your flight problems. But, so glad that y'all made it safe and sound.

    And how bout those Tarheels??

  2. So sorry for your long day. I would have been climbing the wall sitting in an airplane for two hours. Glad you made it ok and hopefully the rest of the trip will be much better!

    No more saying Go Heels this year. We have done it!!!

    2009 National Champions

  3. Sorry you had such a long day. Traveling is so exhausting! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time. And GO HEELS! YAY!


  5. So sorry about your long delays today but now you are there and can enjoy your trip!! Glad you had a safe journey! Hope it will be great time together!


  6. I'm amazed there are smiling faces in all those pictures... I'd be in tears & have hair in my hands from pulling it out!!!

  7. All that and each one of you are still wearing a smile :)! I think that everyone who travels has experience one of THOSE days...LOL!

    Have fun and take lots of pictures :)!

  8. What an experience!! I hope you have a wonderful trip with your girls!! I've never been to NYC but I've always wanted to visit!!

    Be safe!! Make a lot of memories!!

    Way to go Tar Heels!!!

  9. YUCK! I can't believe the trouble you had getting there, but I'm glad you finally arrived safely and got your big trip started!!! :-)

    I LOVE fried pickles and my dad's place had fried pickle spears that look a lot like those - yum!

  10. Love me some fried pickles!! Make sure you get french fries at Pommes Fritas!! It's a little *dive* you just walk in and order a funnel of fries. They have tons of sauces!! I saw it on Food Network and it did not disappoint!!! We go there for a fun lunch when we are in new York. Take your fries to a nearby park and enjoy!!!! Look it up online!! let me know what you think!!! (It's so cold and windy here in NC today).

  11. YUM!!! I love fried pickles!! Hope y'all are having fun!


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