Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am in total procrastination mode tonight. I need to get out lesson plans and school stuff and make sure I have everything together for the week, but I am watching Amazing Race instead!

I have a short week this week because we are leaving for West Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday! Yay!!!

Steve's cousin's daughter is getting married, so we are going down for the wedding. I am so excited to be in the sun and warm weather, even if it is just for a few days. Hey...just the ride down in the car will be a vacation to me. Reading books and taking naps sounds like fun and we won't even be there yet!

I have two quick things to share with you today.

1-My sweet and talented blogging friend, Faith, has started her own blog design business and she is having an awesome blog makeover give-away! You definitely need to go check it out!

2-I know I am behind everyone in the blog world many times, but I just found a website that was new to me today that I think has really great ideas. It is called little window shoppe. Have you ever heard of it?? Probably! haha

I just loved it because it has so much information on it! Anything from yummy recipes like this one for cheesecake

to links for cute crafts like these cupcakes can be found there.

Anyway...I had fun today just browsing around on that site and looking at everything! That's all for me today. I hope everyone has a wonderful week this week!!


  1. You are so sweet, my friend! Thanks for the shout out =) We really need to meet for lunch or coffee sometime...we are so close!!

    Hope you have a great time in FL!!

  2. Yay for a short week - and a vacation all at the same time!!!

    We should have better weather this week... come on, Spring!

  3. I am so jealous that you are going to get to enjoy the warm, beautiful sun! Soak up some rays for me :)!!!

    Next time you go to Chili's you must ask for a bowl of ranch dressing to go with your chips. I PROMISE you will love it!

  4. Well have fun in FL! I'm ready for some warm weather!! :) I hadn't heard about that cute website... so thanks! I'm off to check it out!! Have a great MOnday!!

  5. Hey there,
    We missed seeing you today. I am so ready for warm weather. I'll thinking of you in Florida! I've had fun this rainy afternoon playing around with different backgrounds. Changed it at least a half a dozen times!


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