Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine??

I think I remember way back in January when I was thinking about words that I hoped would define 2009 and I think I remember picking the word "peace". Maybe that was just wishful thinking! :) I think I have bitten off a little more than I can chew over the past few weeks with everything I have going on. Really, I think what I'm feeling is more overwhelmed than anything. I have to stop and slow down every now and then or the craziness just spins out of control. Somehow I have a bad habit of overbooking my life! :)

Anyway...I think I told you about the gospel choir I was in at school? Well, that has been SO much fun. I have really enjoyed it. However, it has taken a LOT of time. But today was our performance and we had about 100 people there to watch us. I thought we did a good job and I hope everyone enjoyed it. I was just so thankful that our principal gave us the opportunity to sing these gospel songs at school!! I hope it ministered to those that were listening! Here is a picture of me with two of my sweet friends, Candy and Ginger. We were all part of the choir today. I was so nervous and hot though!! (NOT the best picture ever...haha)

Now that I have that behind me, I just need to focus on getting report cards done and getting all my end of quarter scores entered into the computer by Friday.

And, I am still having tooth trouble. I got a temporary crown put on, but now I still can't chew on that side because it hurts so much. I am going back tomorrow and hopefully they will do something to fix it.

The good thing is that at the end of this week it will be Spring Break! Can it get here soon enough??? Whew...I am so looking forward to having nothing pressing to do!

While I was typing this, Lindy has been calling every five minutes because she was lost trying to go to her boyfriend's baseball game at another school. Oh my goodness...that girl inherited my directionally challenged brain. But I don't like her out driving around in a car when it is getting dark and not knowing where she is! Thank goodness for cell phones and that she finally found her way. Bless her heart!

Just one of those days, I guess...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Take a look at these pictures and see if you can figure out what's been going on here for the past few days...

Seriously, I am about to build an ark! It has been raining FOREVER it seems like! Everything was pretty much flooded here today. Creeks were overflowing and everyone's yards were full of water.

I spent most of the afternoon getting caught up on schoolwork. Then tonight I made sloppy joes and french fries and we just stayed in and watched basketball. Carolina is still hanging in there, so that's exciting! Last year I did the brackets at school and everyone pitched in $5 to play. I didn't win. But this year I decided not to do it. If I had done it, though, I would have predicted that Carolina would win the whole thing. I even heard that President Obama picked Carolina!

Is anyone else out there watching all the basketball?

This time next week, I will be getting ready for our trip to NYC!! My girls and I are leaving on April 4th. I can't believe I only have one more week and then I will be on Spring Break. Yay!!!

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet Boy

Today was Mark's birthday. He turned 19 today!

It was the first birthday he's had away from home and you know I couldn't let the day go by without going to see him. So that's what we did. Steve was already in Columbia today on business, so after school Laura and Lindy and I drove down to join him and take Mark out to dinner. Ashley and John met us there, too. We went to Carolina Ale House, which has all the kind of food he likes (burgers, wings, etc.)

We gave him alot of new clothes from American Eagle that he needed like some khakis and new shirts.

And I made a big goodie bag for him with all his favorite things like Gatorade, peanut M & M's, trail mix, Lemonheads, Sour Patch Kids, Barbeque Baked Lays potato chips, etc. He loved it!

We didn't get to stay long, but I was so glad we got to see him today. Nineteen years ago today I was in labor and Steve was sitting there watching the NCAA tournament on TV the whole time. That was appropriate because Mark is a basketball fanatic! He was born with a head full of black hair and pretty dark skin. I thought he looked like a little Hispanic baby and he was so cute!! He was a butterball when he was a baby...just the way I like 'em!

Mark has always brought us so much joy and happiness and he has never given us a minute of trouble. I've got to brag a little bit and just say that he is so handsome and funny and smart and athletic. He has always gotten compliments from adults that meet him and he is loved by his friends, too. He even won best personality in his senior class (which was huge, by the way). He is my sweet boy and I am so thankful God gave him to us on this day nineteen years ago. I love you, Mark!!

PS--I have become blog famous down in West Palm Beach because of my blog post about seeing Kelly Ripa. Haha!! A reporter from the Palm Beach Post called me yesterday and said she saw my blog and wanted to chat with me about it. How on earth did she find my blog?? But today she wrote about me here and even used a few of my pictures!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, my cold is unfortunately still here. I haven't been able to sleep very well because I am so stopped up, so I took some Nyquil last night and that did the job!

That is the worst tasting stuff, though! Yuck! Today, however, I pretty much lost my voice. Not a good thing for a teacher! I was squeaking to my class all day. They were sweet to try and be as quiet as they could.

And since we're talking about my ailments (haha)...for the past few weeks, I have been having a really bad toothache on one of my back teeth.

So last week I went to the dentist and he told me my tooth was cracked. I had a filling in that tooth when I was little and I think it just got weaker and weaker over the years. He told me I needed to get a crown put on it, so I made an appointment for Thursday to do that. (Crowns are so expensive, by the way!) But this morning when I was eating my cereal, I felt something hard in my mouth and I looked and half my tooth broke off!!! So all day today I have had this empty spot in my mouth and a jagged tooth in the back. Anything hot or cold on it really hurts! But I am just going to wait until Thursday to get it fixed. Crazy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jessica's Wedding

Steve and I were talking over the last few days about how many times we've been to Florida since we started going when Ashley was about a year old. Steve's brother Mike moved down there around that time and since then we've gone an average of about two times a year...sometimes more, sometimes less. So I think overall we've gone down between 20-25 times. Anyway...in all the years we've been going to Florida, I have never seen worse weather than we had on Saturday. It POURED rain all day long and was so windy you wouldn't believe it. Here is a picture Laura took out the window of our car.

Steve's cousin has a daughter named Jessica and she was got married on Saturday in Delray Beach which is the cutest little ocean front town with lots of cute shops and restaurants. We were hoping to be able to spend the day hanging out by the beach or at least browsing the shops and walking around town. But there was no way we could have done that. So we ended up having Steve drop us off right in front of a restaurant called Boston's and we all ran in as fast as we could in gale force winds to meet up with his parents and aunt and uncle for lunch. Once we got in there, we had a really nice time visiting with them.

Here are Laura and Lindy with Steve's mom and dad.

This is Steve's Aunt Claudia (his mom's sister) and Uncle Robert. Don't Steve's mom and her sister look so much alike?? I have always thought that!

After lunch there wasn't really anything we could do but go back to West Palm Beach and stay inside until time for the wedding. So...it was a very relaxing day! haha

Jessica's wedding was so beautiful. Her fiance, Evan, is Jewish and I had never been to a Jewish/Christian wedding before. There are lots of special and interesting traditions that they incorporated into the wedding. For example, the groom was walked down the aisle by both his parents. Then the wedding took place under a chupa, which is a canopy that is open on all four sides to symbolize the bride and groom creating a home together that will always be open to guests. This tradition originates from the wedding of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible. They had a rabbi and a pastor officiate, and at the end of the ceremony, Evan stomped on a glass and broke it to commemorate the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem.

The wedding was at the Marriot hotel in Delray. It was gorgeous inside and the reception was very elaborate. Here are Laura and Lindy in the lobby before the wedding.

There was so much food. We started with tons of appetizers including huge shrimp, a pasta bar, lamb shank, etc. Then we had a sit down dinner of filet minon and lobster tail. This is what the tables looked like...

There was tons of dancing. I had never seen the traditional Jewish dance called the horah. That is where everyone circles around the bride and groom and they lift them up on chairs while everyone is dancing around them. That was really fun!

We took so many pictures. Here are a few...

Lindy dancing with Grandaddy...

Here is Jessica with both her sweet grandparents. The man in this picture is Steve's uncle.

Jessica with Mike...

We didn't get home until almost 2:00 am. We tried to get as much sleep as we could before we had to get up bright and early this morning and drive all day back to Charlotte. It was a long day, but we did get to stop in Columbia and take Mark and Ashley out to dinner.

We are home now all snug in our beds and about to start a new week. Wow...that trip to Florida went by so fast! Despite the weather, we had a great time. Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, March 20, 2009

WPB-Day 2

Today was supposed to be a bright, sunny, and warm day here in West Palm Beach. Unfortunately, it turned out to be overcast and chilly all day. :( So we made the best of it by going to the mall and doing some prom dress shopping. The PGA mall down here is awesome with tons of really fun stores. Of course, we had to make a stop at one of our favorites....Anthropologie!

Then it was on to Bloomingdales. It was prom dress heaven there.

Lindy found one she liked alot and ended up getting it! I thought it was really cute on her.

Here is Steve waiting outside the dressing room. He's checking basketball scores on his phone!

Tonight we went to one of our favorite places here in WPB...City Place.

It's got lots of restaurants and shopping and you can just walk around and enjoy being outside. On Friday nights they always have live bands playing and there is a MovieCo right there.

We decided to try a new Greek restaurant tonight. THAT was entertaining! The first thing they do is bring out hummus that you grind yourself with a mortal and pestle. They serve it with yummy warm pita bread. Then we tried lots of different things like flaming goat cheese. Here is our waiter bringing it out.

We also had Greek style filet minon and fried zucchini and lamb and homemade tzikki sauce, etc. Then while we were sitting there, the belly dancers came out.

They got up on the table and danced in between everyone. People were getting up on the tables and dancing with them and throwing tons of napkins up in the air. It was crazy!

When we left there, we walked down to where they had a salsa band playing. It was so much fun because everyone was dancing and just hanging out listening to the music. This couple was putting on a show! They have been married for 50 years and were so cute...plus REALLY good salsa dancers!

We also saw the movie "Taken".

Wow...that was an intense movie! I liked it even though it was very far-fetched. The whole time I was watching it though, I was feeling so sorry for Liam Neeson. I can't believe his wife, Natasha Richardson, died in such a tragic accident! That is so sad. She was so beautiful. I loved her in "The Parent Trap"!

I woke up with a really bad cold today. Can you believe that? I haven't been sick all year and then when I go on vacation, I come down with something. No fair! I have been achy and had a sore throat all day. I took some Zycam tonight, though, so hopefully I will feel better soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Celebrity Sighting in West Palm Beach!

We made it to West Palm Beach around noon today. Last night we stopped outside of Jacksonville to spend the night then drove the rest of the way this morning.

Today we didn't do much except lay by the pool and read. That's perfectly fine with me! Everyone is here for Steve's cousin's wedding, so we got to do some visiting with his parents and aunts and uncles and cousins this afternoon. I think the highlight of our day happened tonight, though. Steve's brother, Mike, recommended that we try a Mexican restaurant called "Rocco's Tacos" downtown, so that's where we decided to go. Here are Laura and Lindy with Steve's mom and dad right before we left.

We love going to downtown WPB on Thursday nights because they always have live bands playing and they have fountains where the kids can play. We used to take our kids down there when they were little. And everyone is out walking their dogs and eating at little sidewalk cafes, etc.

Anyway...Rocco Tacos was so much fun. It's an open air restaurant that kind of spills out onto the sidewalk. They have delicious chips and guacamole that they make at your table. Mmmmm!!!

This is a picture of the cool lights that were in there. I just liked them so much that I had to take a picture.

But as we were sitting there I looked over at the booth beside us and guess who was there???!!!....Kelly Ripa! She was there with her kids and a few other people. Nobody in the restaurant seemed like they even noticed that she was there! (or else everyone was being polite and leaving her alone.) I tried to pretend like I was taking a picture of Laura and Lindy and instead I really took a picture of her! But it was so dark, I couldn't get a good one.

Then, while we were eating, they started playing the song "Tequila" and the bartender jumped up on the bar and started pouring Tequila in everyone's mouths. (Yeah...it was a loud and pretty "happenin" place!)

But about that time she turned around to watch the whole show going on, so I snapped a picture!

It is so much fun to see someone famous! :)

It has been a little cool here today, but tomorrow it is supposed to be around 80 degrees. I am planning a long day out in the pretty sunshine. Aaaahhhh....I love Florida!!