Monday, February 2, 2009


That's what I feel like after this busy weekend!! Have you ever heard of The Berenstain Bears?? They have books with titles like Too Much Vacation or Too Much Birthday. I think I could have titled this weekend Too Much Fun! haha

Friday night Ashley came home (Mark came home, too!) and she and Steve and I grabbed a sandwich at Penn Station together, then we went to take a look at one of the places she has been thinking about having her reception. A friend of mine at school has a daughter who is also getting married and she told me about a place called Firethorn Country Club. We decided to check it out and Ashley loved it! It is perfect for a fall wedding because it has a big stone fireplace inside and it overlooks a golf course. Plus they will have it all decorated for fall with pumpkins and fall leaves and flowers, etc. And it can accomodate the number of people we think we will have. Here is a picture of the back of it.

Saturday we looked at a few other locations, but we kept coming back to Firethorn. So I think that is where we will be on November 14th! We did have to move the date back a week but that's okay.

I also got my hair colored and did a little shopping on Saturday. I got some springy sweaters at Gap that are perfect for this time of year. They are lightweight and they are pretty pastel colors.

Sunday was my niece Bailey's second birthday. She had a Wiggles birthday party (she LOVES the Wiggles!) and was so cute opening her presents and blowing out her candles!

When we left the party, we came straight home and got ready for the Super Bowl. We had about four couples over to hang out and watch the game. We had so much food...oh my goodness. Wings, dips, brownies, cookies, etc. I didn't take any pictures, though.

I was pulling for Arizona, and I thought the game was really fun and exciting. But I was sad that Pittsburgh won. :(

We were so happy for Laura this weekend. She got acceptance letters from East Carolina University and Appalachian State University! She was so excited! Lindy applied later than she did, so she is still waiting to hear. We should know by March what their options are.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and I was pretty tired today. I am watching Groundhog Day right now (isn't that a cute movie?) and I am planning on getting in bed early! Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Whew is right! You had a busy weekend! Get some much needed rest!

  2. That Firethorn Place looks gorgeous! I think it will be perfect for a fall wedding!

    Your weekend sounds like it was busy...I hope you have an uneventful week.

  3. Betsy,
    What a beautiful place for a reception. That is just GREAT!!!!!

    Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. I was sad AZ didn't win as well. Boo!

    Have a Blessed day tomorrow,

  4. The Firethorn looks like the perfect place to have a fall wedding. I know Ashley is getting excited!

    So much excitement going on in your life right now with the wedding and both the baby girls graduating high school!

    Wow! Life sure goes by fast doesn't it?

  5. WOW, that was a BUSY but very FUN sounding weekend! You better take it easy this weekend and recover! Your niece is SOOOOOOOO cute! Oh my goodness, I just want to squeeeeze her! :-) That place for the reception looks wonderful - I am sucker for golf courses, so that's even better! I can't wait to see all the pictures!!!

  6. That place looks beautiful!!! And a fireplace for a fall wedding - that will be so cozy!!!

  7. That country club is beautiful! I love the brick arches.

    The Berenstein Bears were my favorite books when I was little. Those and Ramona. :)

  8. I am thrilled for Ashley, the Firethorn is so pretty!! Your cute niece looks like she had a great birthday. Y'all have SO much going on right now!!! Enjoy all these exciting moments!!

  9. Firethorn looks gorgeous and sure it will be in November too!! How exciting! Glad to see you updated and have a great week!!

  10. Hey Betsy, Firethorn is beautiful. Isn't it fun making all of the plans. I can't believe Whitney's wedding is only 4 months away. I think a am about to panic! Thinking of you and keeping up with you through the blog. Love you! Leigh Ann

  11. The Firethorn looks like a GREAT place for a reception!! OMG it's beautiful!! And they'll have lots of decorations to boot. Perfect!

  12. Hi Betsy,

    I go back to work Feb. 25th (gulp!) I am looking forward to it, but my heart will miss my little Harbor William.

  13. The country club looks absolutely beautiful!!! And what a precious birthday cutie!

  14. Hey Betsy - Firethorne is sooo pretty. Good choice!! You crack me up with the Berenstein Bears. I can tell you are an elementary school teacher. Enjoy your snow day - if you aren't doing the optional work day thing!

  15. Oh my have been busy!!! I must say that I LOVE the country club and it will be just perfect ;)!!!

    Congratulations to Laura for getting accepted!

  16. Wow you DID have a busy weekend! The Firethorn Country Club looks like a perfect place for a wedding reception!

    Congrats to Laura on her acceptance letters! That will be a tough decision to pick between those 2 schools!

    Happy Birthday to Bailey, too!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  17. Firethorn is beautiful! My friend got married there in November two years ago and it was perfect! They will have amazing pictures!


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