Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Symmetry Surprise

I had the craziest thing happen at school today! We are studying geometry in math and I was introducing a lesson on symmetry. I use my Smart Board alot, so I wanted to pull up some pictures of symmetry to show my kids what it was and how you could find it in nature and all around us in the world. I entered symmetry into Google Images and started showing them pictures like this:

Well, as I was scrolling down, the most INAPPROPRIATE picture came up and oh. my. gosh....my class just erupted in squeals and giggles. Meanwhile, I was about to have a heart attack trying to get this image off the screen quickly! I won't elaborate here (enter symmetry into google images and scroll down to see what I'm talking about!!), but needless to say it took me alot of explaining and downplaying to finally get my class calmed down. How on earth that picture got through our heavy-duty screening system I don't know. Half the time I can't even pull up a classroom website I need because everything is so controlled! Well, something definitely slipped through the cracks this time!! I hope I don't get a mailbox full of e-mails tonight! :)

Tonight it was girls night out since Steve was out of town. We had to get our weekly Mexican fix. haha Here I am with Lindy getting ready for some quesadillas and enchiladas!

It just so happened my assistant and her family showed up there too! I love her!

After that big Mexican dinner, I was wishing I had a cool gadget I saw earlier this week. Have you ever heard of the instant button for jeans? Neither had I until yesterday when I saw it on The View. It is a button that you can insert into your jeans to expand the waistband (like if you eat too much!)

Okay...this is something that is right up my alley! I am always unbuttoning my jeans after a big meal. haha I could totally use one of these! And vice versa, if you wanted to make your waistline smaller, you could move the button over the other way to tighten your jeans around your waist! Ba da ba ba ba...I'm lovin' it!


  1. Oh no! My school's internet won't even allow google images. It's so protected, half of the websites I try to go to are blocked!

  2. I need that button...especially tonight after eating Mexican. You do know that today is FAT TUESDAY, don't you? Very appropriate (unlike your image search). Yikes. I'm sorry that happened.

  3. How sad that we have to worry about such things today!! But, it's reality for our kids.

    I so cracked up at that "instant button". I've never heard of that. But, boy, I sure love me some Mexican food!!!

  4. LOL! Is it terrible that I just searched symmetry to see what you were speaking of? Dontcha just LOVE teaching moments like that...haha! BTW I am very jealous of you and your smartboard AND teaching assistant! We are still in the dark ages here in Nashville!

  5. That is so funny. Thanks for sharing and now I must go find what popped up!!

  6. OH MY WORD!!! Not only did I google it, I had to enlarge because I'm half blind and couldn't see it on the small screen!!! WHOA!! I bet that did cause a stir in your classroom! LOL

    I haven't ever heard of the instant button, but I could sure use one lately!

  7. Wow! I would have been SO embarassed! I'm sure you handled it flawlessly, though!

    Love the instant button idea!

  8. That is hilarious on google... at least the man is covered....kinda...

    And I totally need to get that button.. I have a pair of jeans that are too big & I keep trying to find a button to make them fit around the waist... this is perfect!!!

  9. So the curious side of me had to see what the picture was...OH MY!!! At least he was somewhat covered.

    I love the button idea and wish I had thought of it! How perfect :)!

  10. I LOVE that gadget. I, however, would never need it to make my jeans smaller - only bigger!!!

  11. I've gotta to get one of those buttons! We went to the Symmetry in Nature today, but didn't have quite the same experience...whew! So funny!

  12. Betsy,

    EEK!!! I had this happen one time when I was designing a web site for a teacher at the school I used to work at, and I nearly fell out of my chair. I called my principal right away. Ughh those things just shouldn't even be out there.

    YUMMEE Mexican!! I heart Mexican.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  13. I checked out the pic and I could totally picture you turning bright red and getting frazzled trying to change it really quick! How terrible!

  14. That insta-button is hilarious but genious too! :) It's crazy that that picture slipped through the systems cracks! Yikes. That pic. of you is SO cute! Love your blue blouse!

  15. OMG! I need to know where you find this "Instant Button"! Why didn't someone think of this sooner. I'm like you --I am always unbuttoning my jeans after a big meal. (It is doubtful that I would ever need it to make my pants smaller, though!)

    Why couldn't I have thought of that!


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