Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lots To "B" Happy About!

Meredith had a fun tag on her blog a few days ago where she was assigned a letter of the alphabet and then she had to think of things that she loved that started with that letter. I decided to play, so she assigned me the letter "B". At first I thought that might be hard, but then my mind just started buzzing with things I love that start with "B"!!

"B" Names
The first thing that came to mind was my many of us have "B" names!! There's Betsy, Blake, Brent, Britney, Brianna, Bryson, Brett, Brad, Bailey, and one on the way that's going to have a "B" name!! And our last name is Bouldin! :)

Blue Jeans...I wish I could wear them every day! They are so comfortable.

Bellagio Fountains...Steve and I have been to Las Vegas many times and we always love to watch these beautiful fountains! They are amazing!

Baking Cookies...especially chocolate chip!

Boots...any kind really! sweet and precious.

Bubble Baths...the ultimate relaxation!

Backyards Barbeques...I love summer and this is one of the reasons why!

Burgers and Fries...another reason to love backyard barbeques!

Buble (as in Michael) him! of my FAVORITE places on earth! is my guide and my comfort.

Books...I love to read!

Bouquets...any kind of flower is beautiful, but I think my favorite are...

Blue Hydrangeas

Blogging. Who knew I would love it so much? I have had the best time getting to know so many sweet and wonderful people, not to mention keeping a journal of my life!

Bread yummy!

Being on a fun to London or Paris or NYC!

Believers...I feel so blessed to be a part of God's kingdom of believers all over the world. Just reading Kelly's blog this week reiterates the fact that there are Christians everywhere who are lifting each other up and encouraging each other and who all are serving the same God. I love that!

Bright Sunny Days...they just put me in the best mood! :)

Balance. I want more of this one!

If you want to play along, just let me know and I will assign you a letter!


Jacquie said...

I love your "B" list. That burger looks SO good!!!

Andrew's mommy said...

I love your list too. You thought of some really good things. Assign the letter, I'll play! Please don't make it Q, X, Y or Z :-)

Michele said...

I love your list too! The B names remind me of my family. My brothers are Mark and Mike. Even our pets had M names growing up. I also LOVE the Bellagio fountains. They are my favorite thing in Vegas!

Heather said...

I want to play! You did a wonderful job thinking of so many "B" things!

Ginger said...

Hey Betsy,
What a fun post! Hope you've enjoyed your time off. May or may not see you tomorrow depending on the weather!

Sandy Toes said... really captured the "B" letter!
-sandy toe

Melissa said...

How cute!! Sounds fun, I want to play!!

Em said...

How fun! I'd like a letter!

Andrew's mommy said...

Still snowing here. Haven't been outside yet to get a measurement but prob. 4" or so.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

LOVED your list. I almost want to do it all over again using the letter B too!

The Donahue's said...

How fun! I love your answers, we have a lot of loves in common. =) I'd love to play too!

Christal said...

I love your B list great pics too! Love the answers what a fun post! tys