Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking Forward

It's almost Friday. Can I get an amen??!

We always have a to-do list on the weekend, but I am planning on throwing in some fun, too. Here's what I've got to look forward to:

*Sleeping in on Saturday (that's high on my list of fun!)

*Helping Laura and Lindy get ready for their trip to Washington, DC! It is going to be super cold, so we are making sure they take plenty of warm clothes. We're getting them some wool socks and long underwear and some little icy-hot thingys that you break and they heat up and keep your hands or feet warm. They both got new dresses for the Inaugural Ball they are going to. Lindy tried hers on for me today. She just had her hair up in a pony tail, but she is going to look so pretty when she is dressed up for real!

She and Laura both have strappy dresses, so I hope they can stay warm enough with the wraps they are wearing!

*Shopping. Ashley has officially moved all of her furniture out of her room and taken it with her to school. It is time to make her room over into a guest room. That is kind of sad, but I'm looking forward to picking out paint and furniture and a new bedspread! Steve and I might do a little furniture shopping this weekend.

*Hanging out. Laura and Lindy are leaving early Sunday morning and there is no school on Monday!! Hip hip hooray!! So it is going to be just Steve and me until Wednesday. Hmmmmm....I already have some fun ideas for us. Definitely going out to dinner somewhere nice, maybe a little shopping, using the movie tickets one of my students gave me...lots of options!

*Catching up on reading a big stack of magazines that I got this week and haven't been able to read.

*Hearing all about Kelly's sweet little Harper who is coming tomorrow. I am so excited for her! She has been looking forward to this for so long!!

I hope you have a great weekend! It is supposed to be 9 degrees here tomorrow morning! Brrrrrrr.....

PS--Did you hear about the airplane flying from NYC to Charlotte that landed in the Hudson River?? That had to be so scary. What a great pilot that was!


  1. Hey girl! We got out of school tomorrow because it's so cold - this is some crazy weather for us in the South, huh?!?

    Sounds like you have a WONDERFUL long weekend coming up! I can't wait to hear all about it AND all about you girls' trip to D.C.!!!

  2. A.M.E.N.!!!

    Sleeping in is high on my list for the weekend, too! Especially in this kind of weather.

    I can't wait to hear about the girls DC trip. What a fun opportunity.

    I'm on Harper watch, too. I just can't believe she's coming!!

  3. AMEN!!! And, I lvoe your daughter's dress! I hope you post pictures of their trip if they give you some!

  4. what an awesome time the girls are going to have being a part of history! Can't wait to hear about there trip! Sounds like you have lots of great plans too ! enjoy it! Crazy about that pilot we just watched it on the news here pretty amazing pilot! Well have a great weekend! ttys

  5. I'll give you an AMEN on Friday!!

    What a beautiful dress on your daughter! Who cares if they're cold - its about looking good - right - lol!!!

    And I thought the same thing- that pilot needs some medals or some sort of recognition... amazing!

  6. How exciting that the girls are going to Washington! (And that you and Steve are on your own for several days!!!) Can't wait to hear all about their trip.

    And yes - what an amazing pilot!

  7. Betsy,
    You daughter looks beautiful!! What fun they will have and just you and Steve alone until Wednesday, whatever will you do with yourselves? =)

    That is an amazing picture and story ~~ I thought of you and Emilie when I heard it was bound for NC.

    Have a fun and Blessed weekend,

  8. I still can't believe that your beautiful girls are going to the ball...WOW! Make sure they pack a camera to take lots of pics.

    I hope that you have a wonderful long weekend and you have fun shopping ;)!

  9. Oh, to sleep in late! It's at least a little consoling to know those days may return when the little ones are a bit bigger! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.

  11. TGIF! Sounds like you have another fun weekend planned.

    Can't wait to hear about the D.C. trip!


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