Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Little Inspiration

I thought I would share a few things today that inspired me. We can all use a little inspiration at the beginning of a new year, huh?

1-I was running errands today and had my radio on in the car. I have been listening non-stop to Christmas music for over a month now, so this was one of the first days I had regular radio on. Well, apparently I have missed so much! I heard about three songs today that I had never heard before (or maybe only once or twice.) Of course, I had my country station on and it just reminded me of why I love country so much! Those songs are so great with such good lyrics!!

The ones I heard today were: Down The Road by (my boy) Kenny Chesney With Mac McAnally.

Have you heard this? It's about a couple wanting to get married and their parents letting them go. Needless to say, I could relate!

But my favorite was a song called That's A Man by Jack Ingram. Made me glad to know there are some good men out there. I know I am blessed to know some really great men. I have a man like this who I am so thankful for! If you have time, you can turn off my playlist and listen to this...

And, I am loving Montgomery Gentry's Roll With Me. I love songs that make you feel good and inspire you! It was fun listening to something new today.

2-I think I mentioned a few days ago that I had never read the Bible through and that I had heard about a chronological Bible that sounded like an interesting way to accomplish this goal? Well, last night at my parents' house, I saw a Bible that my dad had gotten my mom for Christmas and it was a chronological Bible! I picked it up and looked through it and I loved it. So, today I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the same one:

I don't know if I will be able to read the Bible the whole way through in a year, but I am still excited about learning more through this Bible and reading as much as I can!

3-My blogging friend, Holly, had a great idea for the New Year. (She has the best blog, by the way, and always inspires me!) She has made it a tradition each year to incorporate one word into her life for the year. This year I think her word was serenity.

Anyway...I have been thinking all day that my word should be either peace or organization. ;) I can't decide. I think the reason it came to mind today was because Ashley moved out of the sorority house and is now moving AGAIN into a house with a friend. (Insert rolling my eyes...this is the eighth time we've moved that girl! But I am happy for her because this is her last semester and she gets to live with one of her best friends.) This is what our garage looked like over Christmas.

Today we packed it all up (plus more!) and Steve drove her down to Columbia to move into her new home for the semester. It will feel so great to have my garage organized again!

And since the house is so quiet and peaceful today, I have been working on organizing my school stuff. It makes life so much easier when I am organized and I am not always looking for something I need or trying to remember what I am doing next! I am loving peace and organization today! I think I definitely need more of both of them this year.

4-I really like Don Miller's blog. You probably have never heard of him (he wrote Blue Like Jazz), but I read him from time to time, and today he had a post that I thought was inspiring for the New Year. If you're interested, you can click here to read it, too! :)

5-And, finally, if you have never read Warm Pie, Happy Home, I urge you stop what you are doing and take a minute to visit. I promise you will not be disappointed. Ruth Ann is probably one of the sweetest and most encouraging people around. Every time I read her blog, I feel like I have just been wrapped up in a soft blanket or visited my grandmother's house...just as warm and cozy as can be! She has some great thoughts on beginning the new year! Happy reading!


  1. Always wanted to read the Bible through Chronological... that's gotta make it a whole other view.

  2. I love Donald Miller and didn't even know he had a blog. I've got to check that out.

    A wise woman once challenged me and some other friends to read through the Bible in a year. I've tried about 4 times now and never quite finished. I loved the advice she gave me when I was whining about my failures. She told me to look at it as having read 40% or 85%. I thought that was very smart. Made me feel better about what I did accomplish. I'll pray for you when you get to Leviticus...oh my word!

  3. What a great post! I LOVE hearing about new songs, so I'll be off to check those out right away. Also LOVE your words! Can't we all use more peace & organization in our lives, and I feel like they go hand in hand really! :) What a great goal to read the whole Bible all the way through! I want to accomplish that one day too. Oh and RuthAnn's blog is to die for, you described it perfectly!!!! I actually just finished reading one of her new posts. SO wonderful! Hope that 2009 brings the best things your way Betsy!

  4. Organization makes my heart smile! Today I was organizing and planning lessons... I love feeling prepared and I really love being excited about new and dynamic lessons for my (13 year old) babies!!

    The Bible study sounds really neat... I'll be interested to hear how that goes!


  5. I have tried several times to read the Bible all the way through in a year... but get "too busy" and lose my momentum. I am trying again this year, with the help of Steve's new devotional blog. So far, I'm 3 days in and going good!!

    I love Ruth Anne's blog. Her home is amazing!

  6. I was reading your blog, and thought, I could have passed your hubby & Ash today b/c we just got in from N. Myrtle Beach & came up I-77. Wouldn't that be wild? I hope she enjoys her last semester! I liked living near Columbia! I bet she's had a ball!

  7. Peace is the word! There's nothing like that feeling. Your words of encouragement on my blog meant a lot! Love yours today...thank you!

  8. I just finished reading your latest post and I pray that 2009 is a wonderful year for you ;)!

    Game night looked like an absolute blast and I am so glad that you and Steve had a night just to yourselves. I have heard wonderful things about Marley & Me and hope to take Web to see it!

    I LOVE having a word for the year and the words you have chosen are just perfect ;)!

  9. I want to read the Bible all the way through, too. I'm going to check out the one you mentioned. It looks great!

    I love country music, too, but I am addicted to KLOVE. However, I do venture to the country station every now and again.

    I know it's not one word, but I would like to adopt this phrase this year. My high school Humanities teacher used to always say, "Be here now," when we were a little unruly. She was a smart lady!


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