Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy News and Plan B

I am so excited because I just checked Kelly's blog and I saw that Harper opened her eyes tonight! Oh my goodness...I was so happy to see that. I know she could have just jumped for joy looking into those sweet little eyes.

It has been just a pretty typical Monday here. We found out today that the Atrium that I was telling you about yesterday is BOOKED for November 7th. :( So now we are going to Plan B. We may change the date or find another place. We have a few other places in mind and are looking into those this week. When we have it all booked, I will show it to you!

I am organizing a dinner club for our Sunday School class this week. There are about 12 couples who want to do it. We would have groups of 4 couples or so that would get together once a month to either meet for dinner at someone's house or at a restaurant. Then the next month, you rotate and different couples get together. I've been in a dinner club once before, but never organized it. If you've ever done this before and have any good ideas, let me know what worked for you!! I think it will be fun!


  1. I'm SO excited to see Harper's beautiful eyes! What a blessing.

    The dinner club sounds fun. I've never organized anything like that. I've organized family nights for our church and had to separate families evenly into homes. That was interesting. Have fun working it out.

  2. Oh my stars -- I hadn't seen that baby Harper has opened her eyes!!! How precious!!

    I've never done a dinner club -- it sounds like fun!!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  3. I was sooooo excited to see sweet baby Harpers eyes for the first time. I think she looks even more like Kelley with her eyes open.

    We've never belonged to s dinner club either. But sounds like fun. Good luck!

  4. I'm so happy for Kelly too!

    We've been in a couple of those dinner groups. One was a carousel club. There were four couples and you took turns hosting. Whoever was hosting provided the main dish and everyone else brought sides/desserts (coordinated beforehand).

    We were in a supper club once with 5 couples and twice a year we hosted dinner at our house and provided the entire meal. The other times we just got to go and enjoy! SO much fun!

    Now you're making me want to start another supper club.

  5. Yipeeeeeee about Harper! That is awesome news. I was thinking about Ashley's reception problem. For our reception, we found a friend who was a member of the country club we used. They sponsored us so we could use it. I don't know if you guys have looked into that. Good luck!!!


  6. I'm so excited about Harper too! I cry every time I see one of the updates posted. So sorry about the place being booked. I'm sure you will find something even better.

    As for the dinner group, I would recommend appointing one couple to be the leader of each group and schedule the first dinner. Otherwise, it seems like everybody is waiting around on someone else to do it. That's just my experience!

  7. When I pulled up Kelly's blog & saw Harper's eyes... I wanted to cry myself!!!

  8. I was so excited to see Harper's beautiful eyes this morning ;)!

    I hope that the wedding plans continue to go well and Ashley finds just the right places!

  9. I know! I just cried when I saw that beautiful girl with those eyes open. YAY!

  10. My heart was filled with joy to see Harper's beautiful eyes!

    The dinner club sounds like SO much fun! I can't wait to hear about it!


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