Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gratefulness and Memories

I think I have spent alot of my day today pretty much like so many others in the blog world...praying for Kelly Stamps and her baby, Harper. I keep checking her blog for updates and am continuing to lift them in prayer. I am so relieved that things aren't as bad as they seemed at first and thankful to God for sparing that sweet baby's life. Motherhood is probably the hardest job in the world (and the most rewarding), but Kelly kind of jumped into it with both feet. I know she must be feeling a depth of love and worry unlike she has ever felt before. I remember when Laura and Lindy were in the NICU for over a week when they were born (because they were premature.)

It was exhuasting and emotionally traumatic. I was already hormonal and "teary" on top of that. I can only imagine what Kelly must be going through. I just hope they can all come home soon!

This is what L & L looked like when they were over a month old. They were still so tiny I carried them to a church picnic in a basket! It was their first "outing".

I started cleaning out Ashley's room today. We are getting ready to turn it into a guest room. Wow...there was so much to sort through! Who knew she had so many shoes and purses and cd's??? I actually had a little accident while I was cleaning. I was getting a big plastic tub out of our garage to load some things into and as I tried to squeeze between Steve's SUV and the garage door, a piece of metal on the garage door caught my leg! It ripped my jeans and cut my leg. That hurt so bad! Steve got me all bandaged up, though. :)

While I was sorting through everything, I found an old school project Ashley had done that was a scrapbook of her family history. I remember helping her with it and spending lots of time putting it together. I am so glad we did, though, because it is something I will always keep. It has pictures of mine and Steve's grandparents from when they were young all the way up to present day family photos. Here are a couple of Steve and me from high school that made me smile...

We spent the morning shopping and getting Laura and Lindy ready for their trip to the Inauguration. They leave tomorrow and are super excited! There is a possiblility of snow here tomorrow, so I am praying they will have a safe trip on the bus with no icy roads! Please keep them in your prayers. I'm looking forward to two more days off! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. I've been heavy-hearted for the Stamps/Martins all day! I'm believing God for a mighty work, though!!!!

    Ok, your shorts are CRACKING me up!!! Woo!! Look how short we used to wear them.

    And Mark looks like Steve.

  2. Oh, Betsy. My heart is just aching for Kelly. I can't sleep and find it difficult to do anything but wait for an update. I am believing Harper will be fine.

    You and Steve were too cute (and still are). I think L & L look just like you did in high school and Mark is Steve made over. I think Ashley is a beautiful mix of both of you. Such a gorgeous family!

    I'm with Jacquie, I cracked up on the white shorts! :)

  3. Oh, I am just SOOO ready to see pictures of all of home!!! This whole thing just hurts my heart! I can't imagine what they are going through!

  4. I have been absolutely sick since I heard about Harper. I'm trusting God for a miracle!

    I love those pictures of you and Steve. Too cute!

  5. Betsy,
    Thanks for sharing about Baby Harper yesterday. Prayers are being lifted. What precious pictures of L&L! Now they are healthy and happy girls! You really did take a trip down memory lane. I had a pair of shorts just like those. I think they're back in style. Hope your leg is o.k.! Take care today.

  6. Betsy,
    My heart is aching over the situation with Kelly, Scott and baby Harper. I've been praying and will continue. I wake up thinking about them and praying scripture over them.

    I love those pics -- and girl you are working those shorts -- go on with your bad self =)

    Hope Laura and Lindy have a fun trip. I will put them on my prayer list for safety and provision. God is so good!!!

    Have a Blessed Lord's day,

  7. I love all the pictures! I had not noticed how much I think Mark looks like Steve until now. The pictures of the twins in the basket is absolutely precious!

  8. Those pictures are great... I had to laugh at those shorts!!!! And yeah - I had a pair too - I aint laughing AT you - but WITH you!!!

    And those babies... how small... that's adorable! Bet you wish you could just put them in one place & carry them along together now...

  9. I have been praying like crazy for baby Harper.
    I love your pics. Those are super cute of you and your hubby and the twins as babies in that basket is precious.

  10. Thanks for keeping us up to date on little harper what a beautiful baby too!!
    You and steve are the cutest couple ever! Love the pictures.

  11. I think my weekend has probably been the same as yours....praying for Harper.

    I love your pictures!! :)

  12. I have been checking Kelly's blog nonstop!

    I love those pictures of you and Steve! So sweet and So neat that you two have been tother for so long!

    I'll keep Laura and Lindy in my prayers as they travel and I can't wait to hear about their trip!

  13. All I done for two days now is pray, cry and check Kellys blog for update on sweet Harper. The picture of Harper looks just like Kelly......she is adorable.

    I can't believe the twins were soooo small. That basket was a perfect way to carry them to there first outing.

    Those pictures of you and Steve are too cute!!! Love the short shorts. LOL!!!

  14. Ever since I got the report about Kelly and Baby Harper my heart has been heavy and hopeful all at the same time. I know that God's plan is perfect and that He will heal little Harper. She is just beautiful ;)!

    I absolutely LOVE those pictures of you and Steve. I must say Ashley looks just like you!!!

  15. I just sent you an award on my blog...go check it out!!


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