Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catching Up

It is Saturday and I'm loving it! This week has been very busy and since it has been so long since I have gotten to blog, I think I need to play a little "catch up" today! :)

First of all, two good things about this week:

1-My class was exceptionally good this week. They are always sweet, but I think they were a little sleepy and quiet just trying to get back into the routine. Works for me! :)

2-I did a good job getting to bed pretty early this week. That makes a huge difference in life!

Mark is getting ready to head back to school on Sunday, so yesterday my dad took him out to lunch at the Q-Shack. Mark LOVES barbeque so that was a perfect choice for him! When I got home from school yesterday he said, "So...Papa is my hero!" He said he had so much fun talking with him at lunch. He said my dad was telling him all the stories about his life and travels and experiences and Mark was just all ears. Mark said he didn't want to say too much because he just wanted my dad to keep talking since it was so interesting! He said, "Mom, he should write a book...seriously!"

I was glad they got a chance to hang out because they really are alot alike. They have similar interests in history and world events and cultures, etc. They both love to travel and see the world and they both love sports, etc.

Last night my dad stopped by the house and dropped off a book he and Mark had been discussing at lunch called Outliers.

It is one my dad got for Christmas and really liked, so he went out and bought one for Mark. This is what he wrote inside the front cover.

Steve and I went to a deacon's banquet at church last night. He is now through with his term as deacon, so this banquet was to honor the newly elected deacons. Here we are on our way out the door.

While we were at the banquet, Laura and Lindy went to see Bride Wars with some friends.

They LOVED it! Lindy said it is the funniest movie she's seen in a long time. I'm not sure if I will be seeing it until it comes out on DVD, but it looks cute!

Ashley came home last night because she has to take the Praxis test this morning. It is a four hour long test that you have to take in order to get your teaching certificate. She is really nervous about it, but I know she'll do great! She left the house this morning at about 6:45!

When we got up, Laura and Lindy and I used some gift certificates I had to try a new little restaurant called The Flying Biscuit. It is a tiny little place with really yummy food...especially their grits (I don't know their secret, but these grits are ultra-creamy and seasoned perfectly). The biscuits are sprinkled with sugar and are served with homemade apple butter. And they have every kind of omelet imaginable. Mmmmm!!

The restaurant is decorated in kind of a down-home style with a funky twist. It's hard to describe, but I took a picture of one of the walls. This is just one sunflower out of a mural of sunflowers that covers a whole wall!

I hardly ever eat a big breakfast, but it is fun sometimes. Now I'm good to go until tonight. Steve's mom and dad are having us over to watch the Panthers vs. Cardinals play-off game and I think she is making homemade vegetable soup and cornbread!

I am so excited! Yesterday we had Panther Spirit Day at school and we all wore our Panthers shirts and colors. Hopefully our good wishes and good vibes will help them win tonight! Go Panthers!


  1. I loved hearing about Mark and your Dad. That is so sweet.

    It's amazing your kids were quiet at school this week - I would've thought they would've been bouncing off the walls after the holidays.

  2. I sounds like Mark and your dad have a wonderful relationship! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I LOVE good weeks like this!! :) Enjoy!

  4. Besty,
    How great that your dad is that kind of example to Mark.

    How fun to get to cheer on your fav team at your in-laws tonight ~~ I heart foodball!!!

    Love you friend,

  5. Wanna see that movie too - love anything with a wedding dress involved!!!

    And YUMMMM for that breakfast... looks like southern cooking right there!

  6. WOW, sounds like a busy but great week! My kids were really good the first couple of days this week, getting back into the swing, but by Thursday and Friday they were rip, roaring, and ready to go!

    I love that your dad gave Mark that book - I have a feeling that will mean a lot to him and his inscription almost brought tears to my eyes! Those are some words to live by!!

  7. I love that your dad and Mark discuss a book together, and I love even more what your dad wrote inside Mark's book. So sweet!

  8. I love that your dad and Mark discuss a book together, and I love even more what your dad wrote inside Mark's book. So sweet!

  9. How blessed Mark is to get to spend time with his grandfather like that. The words of dedication that he wrote in the book will be something Mark will treasure forever! They were so precious!

    I love the picture of you and Steve! Ya'll are such a cute couple and I hope that you had a fun time at your banquet.

    Hope you have a great week and get in bed early! I'm trying to do the same thing!

  10. I have missed you friend but I am glad your week was a GREAT one ;)!

    I think grandpa's are pretty amazing! My grandpa z and I have always had a special bond. It sounds like Mark has a lot to learn from your dad.

    Hope that Ashley did well on her test!

    Sorry about the Panthers...the Titans lost too =(!

  11. What a nice thing for your dad to do I love stuff like that stuff that matters now and in the future! Memories! Sounds like things are going good getting some routine in glad your kids in class were sleepy this week makes it a little better eh!
    I remember the flying biscuit resturant from florida we always wanted to go try it but never did! Some good southern cooking down there it was such a fun experience I actually miss living down that way sometimes! Well hope you have a great week! ttys


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