Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big Daddy's Burgers and American Idol

This afternoon I had that yearly physical that we all love...NOT!! (You know the one I'm talking about??? Uuuggh!) You would think after having four kids that it would be no big deal by now. But I still hate it. I'm just glad everything's okay and I don't have to do that again for another year! :)

My mom was so sweet to bring over a big container of homemade potato soup for us tonight. But since Steve was out of town today, we decided to make it a girls' night out and save the soup for tomorrow night when he can join us! Ashley had told us about a fun little hamburger place in Dilworth that she went to last weekend. Dilworth is an older section of Charlotte with the CUTEST little houses like this one...

and big beautiful oak trees and lots of funky little shops and restaurants. The restaurant we went to was Big Daddy's Burger Bar. It had all kinds of gourmet burgers, sweet potato fries, and even Laura & Lindy's favorite...fried pickles! We always have fun trying new places!

Tonight we are so excited about AMERICAN IDOL!!!

We are watching it right this minute and just laughing at some of the crazy people out there. It never ceases to amaze me that these people actually think they can sing!! There are some really talented ones, too, though. This show is always entertaining. I am anxious to see how it's going to work with an extra judge this year. How are they going to break a tie if there is an even split between who likes who? I guess they'll explain that tonight.

I think out of all the American Idol contestants and winners, these two are my favorites:

Number one is Carrie Underwood! She is just so beautiful to me and has such a great voice.

Next to her, I really like Chris Daughtry. Totally a different style, but still awesome!

I wonder who the winner will be this year??


  1. Fried pickles, oh my word!! Ick.

    Those are two of my all-time favorite Idols, too. Daughtry got robbed - BUT he showed them!!

  2. I'm so jealous that you still get to have girls night out!!! I really miss our girls being at home.....but its bittersweet because they are both sooooo happy in their own lives.

    I LOVE fried pickes! I almost ordered some the other night when I was in New Orleans, but opted for fried green tomatoes instead!!! YUM!

    David Cook is my all time favorite idol.

  3. Definitely two of my all time American Idol favorites! Fried pickles are the best. I haven't been to the place you mentioned, but I love the ones at The Penguin!

  4. Missed the show... dang it! But I loved Chris Daughtry.. & one of my favorites still is Bo Bice... he was great too! So many good singers!

  5. That place sounds awesome!!!!
    And Chris Daughtry is my other favorite!!! I was so mad when he got kicked off - but it hasn't hurt him!

  6. MMMM Sweet potato fries ~~ I heart spf's!! and American Idol!! Carrie Underwood is my all time fav as well.

    Have a Blessed day,

  7. I have found that the restaurants with the quirkiest names and that are in old buildings are the BEST ;)!

    We started watching AI last night and sometimes we just look at each other like REALLY?

  8. Hi Mrs. Maddox! I figured that I have been in the blogosphere long enough now to "de-lurk" and say hey! I am Ashley's friend: Rachel's big sister!! I love your blog! I missed American Idol last night because I watched Biggest Loser, but I am going to watch tonight! Carrie Underwood is definitely my favorite winner!! I look forward to meeting you next weekend at the wedding! :)

  9. My all time favorite is David Cook! Woo Hoo!!! Just needed to share that! :)

  10. I love Dilworth and I LOVE Big Daddy's!! Sooo yummy!


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