Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back To Reality

I am totally back into reality now. Christmas break was so great while it lasted, though! Getting up at 5:30 is NOT my favorite thing to do. When I hear that alarm go off, my whole body screams, Nooooooo!! It can't already be morning!!?? But once I get to school everything is good. I have made a New Years Resolution not to stay at school past 4:00 this semester. I want to keep a better balance of work and play.

It has been raining all day here today. That can be a little challenging when you are in a mobile unit. We actually had a thunderstorm really early Sunday morning (like around 4:30!) And someone told me today that if it thunderstorms in January, there will be snow 10 days later. Yay!! I hope that comes true!! I would love a pretty snow! :)

It's always exciting to wake up and see snow falling and hear the announcement that school is cancelled!!

By the way, I am having an unannounced observation sometime in the next few days, so please keep me in your prayers! They always go pretty well, but it still makes me a little nervous. :)

I saw this idea today on Jennifer's blog. She was already thinking about how to make Christmas more smooth next year:

Christmas List. Yes, crazy, I know. But I'm promising myself to do things differently this year. I want to spread out the spending and gift purchases/creating. I'm going to make a master list of names for 2009 Christmas gifts. Then I'll divide those names into 10 months, beginning with February. (Feb-Nov) Each month we'll either purchase or I'll start making a gift for the people on that month's list. Wrap, put in gift closet with a post-it note, and be done. I really, really want to do it this way this year. We'll see..

What do you think? Next Christmas I want to have more done earlier, too, so I can relax more during December. This is definitely one way to do it!! I just have fun hearing everyone's great ideas!

Ashley is all settled into her new living arrangements for this semester. She is living with one of her best friends, Kari, who has the cutest little house. She sent me some pictures today. I think she is going to love living there!

So...we are just getting back into the swing of real life and looking forward to this weekend when the Panthers are in the playoffs!! I hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. I've always heard about the "10 day rule", too. We were just talking about this today at work and we are all counting on a "Snow Day" very soon!

    I love the idea of making Christmas a little more smooth next year. I'm not sure I could do that, though, because (1) I can't keep a surprise that long and (2) I wouldn't be able to remember where I put the presents if I purchased them that far ahead! lol

    I'll be praying about your observation! I'm sure that you will be fine! You are an amazing teacher!

    Ashley and Carrie's house looks adorable! I'm sure she's going to enjoy living there this semester!

  2. You sound just like me in the mornings. I can't bear the sound of the alarm clock... and it is SO hard to get out of bed, but once I get to work, I'm in full gear.

    Christmas has been much more enjoyable for me since I've learned to get my shopping done by December. I shop like a mad woman during the last couple of weeks of November (most of it online), but it's only after I have an Excel spreadsheet done with everyone's names that I'm shopping for and a dollar value attached as well as an idea of what I'm looking for for each. It's so much easier for me that way.

    I love the little house that Ashley's moved into. So cute.

  3. I love the Christmas list idea...I'm all for anything with less stress!

    Ashley's house is too adorable. I know she is soooo excited and it is decorated so cute!

    Good luck with your observation, I'll say a little prayer for you.

  4. That house is ADORABLE! How fun!

    And I think that Christmas idea is a great one; but my luck... I'd forget what I bought or where I put it! I did start shopping earlier this year and that took away a lot of stress!

  5. NY Giants fans here! Sunday will be a great day. . .our little guy turns 3 and the Giants play at 1:00EST! Birthdays and football. . .what could be better!

    Be Blessed!

    Amy (Honestly)

  6. What a cute little house.

    The idea about starting Christmas early is a great one. I never know what my list will look like, though because we draw names. Hmmmm ... something to think about, though.

    I thought the same thing about snow. I want some snow!!!

  7. I have never heard about the "10 day rule" but I can't wait to tell Web about it ;)!

    That Christmas idea sounds fabulous...seriously!!! Perhaps I will give it a go too?!

    Ashley's new house is ADORABLE!!!

    I have no doubt you will rock your observation ;)!

  8. I am totally going to do that idea of starting NOW for Christmas.... LOVE IT!!! How much easier to spread it out then rushing & draining the check book.... going to make my christmas list today!!!

  9. I am back in full swing too... man that break was nice, huh?! I always get nervous about observations, especially unannounced ones, but they always go wonderfully! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers this week.

    As far as the Christmas idea goes, I think it's brilliant! Easier on the budget AND better to enjoy the holidays!

  10. As a fellow teacher I sympathize with the unobserved observation...I have one "sometime this semester!" eek! Good luck!


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