Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday...A Day of Rest (Thankfully!)

I am so thankful for a day of rest! Goodness, I sure did need it!! This week has been catching up with me a little bit each day. By last night I was really starting to feel worn out and maybe even like I was starting to get sick. But today was so much better. We went to church this morning and ran by La Unica for lunch. After we got home, I got my blanket and took a nap all afternoon. It was soooo great. The Panthers played a late game, so we just hung out and watched them win. Yay!! They are doing awesome this year! I hope they make it to the Super Bowl!

I took the day off tomorrow to go Christmas shopping. I have my list ready and I am hitting the mall early and going strong all day. I am hoping to get alot done and then I will feel so much better. Steve and Mark are taking a little trip to Washington, DC, so it will be just me and the girls this week. But we have something going Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, so I won't have much time to shop.

This weekend, Ashley and Laura and Lindy had a friend over to make homemade Christmas ornaments and watch Elf. Didn't they turn out cute? Now they just have to glaze them.

Have a good week! Enjoy the next 10 days!


  1. Wow, Betsy! You are a busy little bee! Oh I LOVE those cookies! they are sooo cute and I know they are yummy too! Christmas is so grand, isn't it! I have been just now catching up w/ your blog again!:)

  2. Those ornaments are adorable!! Hope you have a fun (productive) day tomorrow!!

  3. Those ornaments are so cute!

    I hope you get a lot of shopping DONE!


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