Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gifts, Luncheons, and Parties

I have been so busy lately that I have gotten so far behind on my blog reading!! I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting much, but I will try to catch up soon! I DID get to do some quick reading yesterday and I saw this link on Meredith's blog. It was for another Meredith and she had the cutest idea for a crafty Christmas gift. It just so happens that we are making something similar in my class for the kids to give to their parents. We are just drawing on tiles with sharpie pens then spraying them with clear acrylic paint. Ours are much more childlike, but I think parents will love them just to use as a hot plate, coaster, or to set up on a little stand!

Today was our Widow's Christmas Luncheon at church. Each deacon is assigned a widow. Steve actually has two that he keeps up with. We take them to lunch and send them cards and check in on them. This is Steve with Mrs. Sherman, one of his adopted widows.

She is in her eighties and guess what she does?? Tai Chi! Steve has even been to Tai Chi class with her a few times! :)

The luncheon is always a fun time and our church really goes all out. Here are the center pieces that I thought were really cute!

Tonight was our Sunday School Class Christmas party. We have such a great group of young couples in our class. In the past we have gone out to dinner and then done an ornament exchange. But this year, we tried to scale it back a little and just have it in someone's home and skip the ornament exchange. Everybody brought such yummy food and we played some games and talked about our favorite Christmas traditions. It was so nice. I love these guys! :)


  1. Betsy,
    Thanks for the great idea! I have been thinking about what Brock and Ava could get their grandparents for Christmas. We are going to Lowe's right after church today to get the tiles! Thanks again!

  2. How fun - that sunday school group looks like a blast!!

    Got your card in the mail... thank you so much! I LOVE it!!!

  3. Don't you know the widows felt so very special? What a great idea and so very thoughtful! Love it. Tai Chi at 80...I'm impressed. Pary looked like fun!

  4. Betsy,
    What a beautiful lady and tai chi at 80 ~~ how GREAT is that?

    So glad you had fun at your party, these look like a great group of couples.

    Have a Blessed week, Dawn

  5. I LOVE the tile painting idea ;)! I will definitely be using that in the near future ;)!

    Also, your Sunday School group looks like so much FUN!!!


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