Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Calm After The Storm :)

Things are finally starting to settle down now after the Christmas craziness. Our house is pretty quiet. We have been going to movies. Ashley saw Marley and Me yesterday and LOVED it!!!

And Laura and Lindy saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

They liked it but said it was kind of long. I want to see both of those movies! We have also been just reading, playing games, watching football, and we are beginning to put things away. I am hanging onto the Christmas tree a little longer, though. It is so pretty and it takes so long to put it up, I just hate to take it down! But I am planning on doing that in the next day or so.

I have been trying to think of ways to make Christmas run even more smoothly next year and I know I definitely need to try to shop earlier if I can! I am just not one of those people who thinks about Christmas throughout the year and shops along the way. I always have so much other stuff going on that I don't really think about Christmas until at least late November! But maybe I can change that a little bit this year.

I know you've heard me mention one of my favorite bloggers, Sophia, before.

She always has the BEST ideas for Christmas. One of the ones I liked the best was this:

She thought about purchasing three gifts for her children...a want, a need, and something to use for a talent. Then she decided to embellish it a little bit by doing a want, a need, a talent, a book, a movie, something to wear, something spiritual, and stocking stuffers.

She said her kids loved it! Read more about her idea here.

Yesterday I went to Super Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping for the week. I wish I could go there more often but it is totally not convenient for me. But since I had more time yesterday, I decided to try and save some money and head over there. And, wow, did I save money!!! I comparison priced everything I bought with what I normally pay at Harris Teeter (where I normally shop). I figured out that I saved over $60.00!! That is so worth the inconvenience!

Anyway...while I was there, I was walking through the Hispanic section and I saw this Mexican hot chocolate.

It is really good! I have been wanting some ever since I saw this on Holly's blog.

I'm planning on two more days of R & R before I have to go back for a teacher workday on Friday. :( I hope you are enjoying this quiet week after Christmas!


  1. We're thinking about going to either of those movies tomorrow. I don't know which one to pick.

    I'm not one to shop all year long (I'm always afraid I'd find something else better, later), but I do try to get my shopping done in November so that I can relax and enjoy December. I've done that the last two years - and it has made a world of difference in my mental state. I used to really get stressed and I don't think I was much of a joy to be around in December.

    It's hard to believe the holidays are almost over. This time of year sure goes fast.

  2. I heard both those movies are tear jerkers... I cry enough in life! :-)

    So does Mexican hot chocolate taste much different than regular hot chocolate???? gotta know!

  3. Hey friend,

    Enjoy the calm! I started taking down decorations yesterday and began to tackle the tree today. It's bittersweet to me...house seems empty.

    Tony wants to see Benjamin Button and I want to see Seven Pounds...up for grabs right now!

    See ya Friday :)

  4. I am so glad you are finding time to relax until you back to work on Friday. Web has really enjoyed his time off as well. We saw Benjamin Button last week and loved it. We are also THINKING about taking Vance to see his first movie this week ;).

    One of my resolutions is to definitely shop earlier rather than later. I am just one who likes to give as soon as I get it, but 2009 will be different ;)!

    Thank you for being a part of my 2008 and all of it's wonderfulness ;)!

  5. I would like to see both of those movies, too!

    I am glad that you are finally having a little R & R time for yourself! And that Mexican hot chocolate definitely sounds like it would be yummy!

  6. That hot chocolate looks really good. You know, it seems the other brands just taste like warm water to me. I bet this is a lot better.

    Derek and I saw Marley and Me. It was a tear jerker but very, very good.

  7. I so want to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ~~ have you read the book? I'm thinking about downloading it on itunes. Anyway . . .

    So sorry break is almost over for you. Relish in the next couple days and HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!

    Have a GREAT evening, Dawn


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