Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's At The Top Of Your List?

So, today was Laura and Lindy's Senior Exit Project presentation that they have been working so hard on. Whew! I think that could be the last big school project this house will see. That's so weird!! We've had so many through the years and now it's over! Anyway, since they will have this behind them now, I told them they could skip school tomorrow and go to the Twilight premier at midnight tonight.

They are HUGE Twilight fans and a big group of girls is getting together for dessert at our house, then on to the movie!

Speaking of movies, Laura and Lindy and I were at Wal Mart the other day and saw this little holiday collection:

Of course, we had to have it! We all love Charlie Brown Christmas. And The Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving are fun, too. As we were browsing through all the holiday movies, we started talking about what our favorites are. These are the ones I love and can't wait to start watching really soon...

First of all, in the animation department, Charlie Brown Christmas is at the top of the list, but How The Grinch Stole Christmas is right up there with it!

I love his little dog, Max. I used to have a dachshund named Max when I was growing up and that little dog is so much like him! Plus it's just a precious story. I loved Cindy Lou Who, too! :) Not a fan of the remake, though!

My favorite real people movies are:

It's A Wonderful Life-to me you just couldn't find a sweeter story. I just love it!

I also love A Christmas Story. It is such a classic. They play this one over and over for 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve here in Charlotte. But I never get tired of it! And I can't tell you how many Christmas Eves that Steve and I have been putting out Santa stuff while this was playing in the background. There are lots of memories with this movie!

Another one of my favorites is The Preacher's Wife. It is a remake of the old movie The Bishop's Wife. The reason I like it so much is first of all, Whitney Houston can sing like crazy and I love some of the songs in this movie! Plus I love how the story focuses on reaching out to the community at Christmas. It also has a cute little children's Christmas play in it and lots of good church singing. I guess I just relate to it somehow??

And, I also really like Family Man with Nicholas Cage. It's kind of like A Wonderful Life with a twist. Very cute date night movie or chick flick!

So...those are my favorites. Laura and Lindy like Elf, The Holiday, and The Santa Claus. I like those, too, but they're just not my favorites. I think watching Christmas movies with a big mug of hot chocolate is one of the funnest things to do during the holidays, don't you? What Christmas movies do you like??


  1. We have a lot in common with our favorite movies. I don't feel like it is Christmas unless I have seen "It's A Wonderful Life"!

    I would love to see "Charlie Brown Christmas" again!

  2. I watch "It's a Wonderful Life" every year, myself. My family gets so mad at me.

    I'm a complete sucker for Lifetime TV during the Christmas Season!! I love a Saturday with Christmas movies in my pj's.

  3. You are such a sister of my soul ;)! What a wonderful mother to let your girls skip school and enjoy a little Twilight!!!

    My absolute favorite is WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!

  4. I love Christmas movies!! We always watch "Polar Express" and "White Christmas". We love "Elf" too!!
    I wish my mom would have been as cool as you and let me skip school when I was younger. How fun!!!
    Let me know what the girls think of "Twilight". I really want to see it!

  5. Do you have an email address I can send something to?

  6. OH I love those movies and the book!! We watch polar express the monday before christmas and get on our pj's and drink hot chocolate the kids love it! And its a great tradition! oh and I can't wait to watch twilight!!! How fun!!

  7. Can you believe you baby girls are seniors? Time flies! You have two of my favs....It's a Wonderful Life and Family Man. I love them both. I love, love, love Jimmy Stewart.

  8. Okay, you totally have me in the mood for an all-day movie day now!?!?! My alltime favorite is Christmas Vacation!!!! lol

  9. You're such a fun mom to let the twins miss school after seeing Twilight! I'm dying to go, but my friend who's read the books with me is out of town until next Sunday!! I'm waiting for her to see it.

    Christmas movies...oh, you've got a lot of mine listed, but I also love Christmas Vacation and The Family Stone. John and I always watch Auntie Mame around Christmas/New Years. We have forever and ever, and even though it's not a Christmas movie, it's one of our traditions. I also love Holiday Inn!


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