Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween night was very busy around our house. We didn't want to miss seeing my niece, Bailey, dressed up as a ladybug, so when I got home from school, we went over to my brother's house to see her costume. She looked adorable and was so proud showing off for us. Here are a few pictures of that cutie pie!

Blake loves her sweet little soft cheeks! :)

My nephew, Brad, was anything but a cutie pie. This is downright scary!!

After that, we headed straight back home. I gave my students my address today and told them to stop by my house if they could, so I wanted to be home when they got here. My next door neighbor was having a party, so we had to stop by and visit for a little while. She had so much food spread out and TONS of neighbors were there. Here is my friend Candy dressed up like a cat and me! (not the best picture of me ever!)

We must have had over 100 kids ring our doorbell last night. I just about wiped out my total supply of candy! I think I had 6-7 of my students drop by my house. Here are a few of them.

This little boy's dad brought him over dressed like the gingerbread man from Shrek!! Oh my gosh that was so funny to open the door and see!!

Laura and Lindy had some friends over and they dressed up a life size Barbie like a frog and took him trick or treating! They actually got lots of candy that way. People thought he was a real kid! haha (Lindy has a big "P" on her shirt and a black eye. She was a "black-eyed pea". :)

We ordered a pizza and ate that in between answering the doorbell. Then I fell asleep on the couch watching Poltergeist. I haven't seen that movie in years! It seemed so primitive compared to movies of today! But it was fun watching it. How was your Halloween?


  1. Bailey sure is a cutie pie! I am laughing my head off about the girls dressing up a barbie like a frog. How original! And I love the black-eyed pea. Too cute!

  2. What a cutie ~~ such a pretty lady bug. It sounds like you had a GREAT time ~~ it was a lot of fun around here as well. Lots of kids and fun ~~

    Have a Blessed weekend, Dawn

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween! That Bailey is adorable!

    How special that some of your students got to stop by, too! I bet that WAS funny to open the door to The Gingerbread Man! Too cute!

  4. Bailey looks so cute as a ladybug!!! Looks like you had a fun Halloween!!!

  5. Wow...your halloween was BUSY!!!! Your little niece looks absolutely precious ;)!

    That was really sweet to invite your students over!!!

  6. We ordered pizza and ate in between visits too!! It seemed like halloween was so busy this year!!!

  7. Hey girl! Looks like a great and busy Halloween!!!

    Your niece takes the cake in her lady bug costume - she could NOT be any cuter!!! What a sweet little face!

    Your girls are so creative - black eyed pea - too fun!

    Glad you had a great time!!!!

  8. Bailey is just adorable!! And that Gingerbread man and Frog Barbie are SOOOOOO funny!


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